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Celebrated its 200th birthday in 2007

Theatre Royal Brighton

Theatre in Brighton. Opened on the 27th June 1807 as New Theatre, Brighton.

DateShowProgramme in our eBay Store?
27th June 1807 (first performance)Tragedy of Hamlet
Cast included: Mr. C. Kemble, Mrs. C. Kemble, Mr. J. Brunton, Mr. Murray)
June 1807A new ballet dance
June 1807The Weathercock
Cast included: Mrs. C. Kemble (Variella)
? - 20th May - 1st August 1857Theatre closed
Monday 20th May 1907 (for one week(The White Chrysanthemum
Cast included: Muriel George, St. John Hamund, Dorothy Sephton, H. Langdon Bruce, H. E. Garden
Monday 24th June 1907 (for one week)Theatre closed
1915Mr. Wu
Cast included: Evelyn Laye (Nang Ping), Dodie Smith
Monday 16th May 1932 (for one week)The Barretts of Wimpole Street
Cast included: Nora Delany, Arthur Bowers, Corinne Bouchier
Monday 23rd May 1932 (for one week)Your Money or Your Wife
William Freshman
Monday 20th June 1932 (for one week)Savoy Follies
Cast included: Stanley Holloway, Florence Desmond, Gillie Potter
Monday 27th June 1932 (for one week)Theatre closed
11th January 1949 - ? (start of short prior-to-London tour)Adventure Story
Author: Terrence Rattigan. Director: Peter Glenville. Prsented by H. M. Tennant Ltd
Cast included: Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies , Paul Scofield
Pre May 1957 (Cambridge production May 1957)The Iron Duchess
Author: William Douglas Home
Pre May 1957 (Lyric Hammersmith production May 1957)Harmony Close
Author: Charles Ross
Pre May 1957 (Princes production May 1957)A Hatful Of Rain
Author: Michael V. Gazzo
Pre May 1957 (St. James's production May 1957)Restless Heart
Author: Jean Anouilh
Pre June 1957 (Adelphi production June 1957)The Lovebirds
Author: Basil Thomas
Pre June 1957 (Aldwych production June 1957)Janus
Author: Carolyn Green
Pre June 1957 (Apollo production June 1957)For Amusement Only
Pre June 1957 (Cambridge production June 1957)A Month Of Sundays
Author: Gerald Savory
Pre June 1957 (Haymarket production June 1957)The Chalk Garden
Author: Enid Bagnold
Pre June 1957 (Phoenix production June 1957)Six Months Grace
Authors: Robert Morley and Dundas Hamilton
Pre June 1957 (Piccadilly production June 1957)A Dead Secret
author: Rodney Ackland
Pre June 1957 (Vaudeville production June 1957)Salad Days
Pre June 1957 (Whitehall production June 1957)Dry Rot
Monday 20th May 1957 (one week)
(Westminster End production June 1957)
Dear Delinquent
Author: Jack Popplewell
Monday 27th May 1957 (return for one week, prior to Phoenix)Six Months Grace
Authors: Robert Morley and Dundas Hamilton. Director: Eric Capon. Designer: Anthony Holland
Cast included: Yvonne Arnaud, Michael Shepley, Georgina Cookson, Richard Caldicot, Molly Urquhart
Monday 3rd June 1957 (for one week, prior to London)Odd Man In
Author: Claude Magnier. Adaptation: Robin Maugham. Director: Harold French
Cast included: Donald Sinden, Muriel Pavlow, Derek Farr
Monday 24th June 1957 (for one week)The Reluctant Debutante
Author: William Douglas Home
Cast included: Jack Hulbert, Gwynne Whitby and Diane Clare
1st July 1957 (for two weeks, prior to West End)Oh! My Pap!
Bristol Old Vic production. Authors: Juerg Amstein and Erik Charrell. Adapted by Elizabeth Montagu
Cast included: Sonia Rees (Anna), ROy Skelton (Gardener), Laurie Payne (Uncle), Rachel ROberts (Iduna), Paul Curran and Phillida Sewell (Anna's parents), David Bird, Peter O'Toole and Robert Lang (3 uncles), Pat Gilbert, Gwen Nelson and Angela Andersen (3 aunts), Phyllid Law (Katie, the cook)
~1957Born Yesterday
Author: Garson Kanin. Directors: John Gordon-Ash and Harold Young. Decor: Michael Weight and Alan Gourlay
Cast included: Robert Beatty, Eunice Gayson, Aidan Turner, RObert Desmond, Hilda Campbell-Russell, RObert Mackenzie, Norman Claridge, Dorothy Pope, Luigi Vanelli and Michael Atkinson
Monday 1oth April 1972 for one weekEnd Of Conflict
Author: Barry England. Director: Peter Howell
Monday 17th April 1972 for one weekDon't Start Without Me
Author: Joyce Rayburn
Cast included: Peter Byrne, ELizabeth Larner, Kerry Gardner, Pippa Stell
Monday 24th April 1972 for one week
Direct from over 700 performances at Wyndhams
Abeland and Heloise
Director: William Redmond
Cast included: Terence Edmond, Jill Haworth, Norman Wooland, Valentine Dyall, Viola Keats
30th March - 3rd April 1999The Dispute
RSC production