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? - April 1932 - ?For The Love of Mike
Author: H. F. Maltby. Music: Jack Waller and Joseph Tunbridge. Lyrics: CLifford Grey and Sonny Miller. Presented by: Jack Waller
Cast included: Bobby Howes, Alfred Drayton, Olga Lindo, Viola Tree, Peter Haddon
? - June 1936 - ?Spread It Abroad
Book and Lyrics: Herbert Farejeon. Music: William Walker
Cast included: Nelson Keys, Dorothy Dickson, Ivy St. Helier
1937It's In The Bag
By: Cecil Landeau. Costumes: Erté
1944Three's A Family
Authors: Phoebe and Henry Ephron. Producer: Peter Dearing
Cast included: Morland Graham, Netta Westcott
~1945/1946Here Come The Boys
Music: Manning Sherwin. Lyrics: Harold Purcell. Sketches: Max Kester
Cast included: Bobby Howes, Jack Hulbert
13th April 1947 - ?Noose
Author: Richard Llewllyn. Director: Reginald Tate
Services' Sunday Society
Cast included: Charles Goldner, Nigel Patrick
24th April 1947 - ?1066 And All That
Leslie Henson
March 1949Belinda Fair
Cast included: Adele Dixon
1952Love From Judy
Produced by Emilie Littler
Cast included: Jean Carson, Bill O'Connor, Johnny Brandon
Friday 31st January 1958 - ?A Touch Of The Sun
Author: N. C. Hunter
Cast included: Michael Redgrave, Diana Wynyard, Ronald Squire, Louise Allbritton