Theatreland Memorabilia

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Royal Court Theatre

Theatre in London. Has a smaller studio space called Upstairs/The Theatre Upstairs

DateShowProgramme in our eBay Store?
May 1956 - ?Look Back In Anger
Author: John Osborne
10th April 1957 - ?The Entertainer
Author: John Osborne
1958Epitaph For George Dillon
Authors: John Osborne and Anthony Ceighton
8th March 1960 - ?The Room & The Dumb Waiter
Author: Harold Pinter. Director (TR): Anthony Page.
1965Waiting For Godot
Author: Samuel Beckett. Director: Anthony Page
30th June 1965 - ?A Patriot For Me
Author: John Osborne. Director: Anthony Page
4th July 1967 - ?
(advertised in January 1967 programmes)
The Restoration of Arnold Middleton
Author: David Storey. Director: Robert Kidd. Designer: Bernard Culshaw
Cast included: Jack (John) Shepherd (Arnold Middleton), Noel Dyson (Edie Ellis), Eileen Atkins (Joan Middleton)
3rd July 1968 (first performance)The Hotel In Amsterdam
Author: John Osborne
22nd April 1969 - ?In Celebration
Author: David Storey. Director: Lindsay Anderson. Designer: Peter Docherty
Cast included: Brain Cox (Steven), Alan Bates (Andrew Shaw)
20th October 1969 - ?The Contractor
Author: David Storey. Director: Lindsay Anderson. Designer: John Gunter.
Cast included: Norman Jones (Bennett), Bill Owen (Ewbank), John Antrobus (Glendenning), Jim Norton (Marshall)
May 1970Uncle Vanya
Author: Chekhov. Nottingham Playhouse production
Cast included: Paul Scofield (Uncle Vanya), Colin Blakeley (Astrov), Anna Calder-Marshall (Sonya)
17th June 1970 - ?Home
Author: David Storey. Director: Lindsay Anderson. Designer: Jocelyn Herbert
Cast included: Mona Washbourne (Kathleen), Dandy Nichols (Marjorie), John Gielgud (Harry), Ralph Richardson (Jack)
1971 (Upstairs)Boesman and Lena
Cast included: Yvonne Bryceland
9th November 1971 - ?The Changing Room
Author: David Storey. Director: Lindsay Anderson. Designer: Jocelyn Herbert
Cast included: Don McKillop (Luke), Warren Clarke ( Kendal), Brian Glover (Sandford), John Barrett (Harry)
1973 (Upstairs)The Rocky Horror Show
Author: Richard O'Brien
Cast included: Tim Curry
15th August 1973 - ?Cromwell
Author: David Storey. Director: Anthony Page
? - 18th August 1973
Sweet Talk
Author: Michael Abbensetts
28th August 1973 - ?
Bright Scene Fading
Author: Tom Gallacher
? - September 1974 - ?Bingo
Edward Bond
Cast included: John Gielgud (Shakespeare), Arthur Lowe (Ben Jonson)
3rd June 1975 - ?
Part of Joe Orton Festival
Author:Joe Orton. Director: Albert Finney
4th -21st June 1975
Upstairs Lunch & late night season
Homage To Been Soup
Author: David Lan. Director: Tessa Marwick
Cast included: Jean Boht, Emma Williams
15th June 1975
Raising The Roof concert
Cleo Laine and John Dankworth
? - 21st June 1975
Echoes From A Concrete Canyon
Author: Wilson John Haire. Director: Roger Croucher. Designer: Annemarie Schöne.
26th June - 19th July 1975
Author: Stephen Poliakoff. Director: Tim Fywell. Designer: John Macfarlane.
Cast included: Eddy Grant, Mark Heath, Olu Jacobs, Saul Reichlin, Jean Warren
2nd - 19th July 1975
Upstairs Lunch & late night season
Black Slaves, White Chains
Author: Mustapha Matura. Director: Rufus Collins. Designer: Eve Ritscher
9th July 1975 - ? (previews)
Part of Joe Orton Festival
What The Butler Saw
Director: Lindsay Anderson. Designer: Jocelyn Herbert. Music: Alan Price. Lighting: Nick Chelton
Cast included: Valentine Dyall, Brian Glover, Kevin Lloyd, Betty Marsden, Michael Medwin.
27th July 1975
Raisining The Roof concert
Alan Price
19th September (previews) - ?The Farm
Author: David Storey. Director: Lindsay Anderson. Designer: Hayden Griffin
Richard Eyre
16th July - 16th August 1980A Short Sharp Shock!...for the government
Authors: Howard Brenton & Tony Howard. Director: Rob Walker
5th August 1980 - ?
Theatre Upstairs
Three More Sleepless Nights
Author: Caryl Churchill. Director: Les Waters
4th September 1980 - ?Cloud Nine
Author: Caryl Churchill. Directors: Max Stafford-Clark & Les Waters
10th September 1980 - ?
theatre Upstairs
Author: Tom McClenaghan. Director: Antonia Bird.
Cast included: Lesley Sharp, Edward Tudor-Pole, Mossie Smith
14th January 1993 - ?King Lear
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Max Stafford Clark
Cast included: Tom Wilkinson, Iain Glen
8th April 1994 - 7th May 1994 (Previews 8-9 April, Press Night 11 April)Hated Nightfall
Author and Director: Howard Barker
1994 (in repertoire with The Man Of Mode)The Libertine
Author: Stephen Jeffreys
Cast included: David Westhead, Jason Watkins and Barnaby Kay
Cast list
1994 (in repertoire with The Libertine)The Man Of Mode
Author: George Etherege
Cast included: David Westhead, Bernard Gallagher and Tricia Thorns
Cast list
7th June 1994 - ? (In rep with R)The Queen And I
Author: Sue Townsend
June 1994 - ? (in rep with Q+I)Road
Author: Jim Cartwright
~ January 1996The Beauty Queen Of Leenane
1996Shopping And F******
Author: Mark Ravenhill
1996 - 2000Closed
Early 2000
Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
The Country
Author: Martin Crimp. Director: Katie Mitchell.
May 2000
previews at Old Vic
Dublin Carol
Cast included: Brian Cox
5th - 20th May 2000Mr Kolpert
Author: David Gieselmann. Translation: David Tushingham. Director: Richard Wilson
12th - 13th May 2000New Russian Playwrights Moscow Open City - Readings & Works in Progress
17th & 20th May 2000New Plestinian Playwrights Plays From The West Bank - Readings & Works in Progress
26th May - 17th June 2000Fireface
Author: Marius von Mayenburg. Translation: Maja Zade. Director: Dominic Cooke
6th - 10th June 2000New French Playwrights - Readings & Works in Progress
29th June 2000 - ?On Raftery's Hill
Author: Marina Carr. Direction: Garry Hynes
Royal Court and Druid Theatre Company production
13th October - 11th November 2000 (Jerwood Theatre Upstairs)Exposure
Royal Court Young Writers' Programme
? - November 2000 - ?The Force Of Change
30th November 2000 - ? (Court Downstairs)I Just Stopped By To See The Man
Author: Stephen Jeffreys. Director: Richard Wilson. Design: Julian McGowan. Sound: Paul Arditti
Cast included: Sophie Okonedo, Tommy Hollis, Ciaran McMeanemin
~2000/1 (Court Upstairs)Far Away
Author: Caryl Churchill. Director: Stephen Daldry
? - July 2001 - ?
Jerwood Theatre Upstairs
Author: Simon Stephens
? - 11th July 2001 - ?
Jerwood Theatre Upstairs
Mountain Language/Ashes To Ashes
Author: Harold Pinter. Director: Katie Mitchell
? - 7th July 2001
Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
Author: Sarah Kane
? - 4th December 2004(Jerwood Theatre Downstairs)Forty Winks
Author: Kevin Elyot
? - 18th December 2004 (Jerwood Theatre Upstairs)A Girl In A Car With A Man
Author: Rob Evans
~ January 2006Rock 'n' Roll
Author: Tom Stoppard
Cast included: Brian Cox, Sinead Cusack, Rufus Sewell
14th September - 14th October 2006Piano/Forte
Author & Director: Terry Johnson
Cast included: Kelly Reilly, Alicia Witt
10th November - 22nd December 2006Drunk Enough To Say I Love You?
Author: Caryl Churchill
18th January 2007 - ?The Seagull
Author: Anton Chekhov
Cast included: Mackenzie Crook, Kristin Scott Thomas
2008Under Blue Sky
Author: David Eldridge
Cast included: Catherine Tate
2016Escaped Alone
Author: Caryl Churchill
Summer 2016The Libertine
Cast included: Dominic Cooper (Rochester)