Theatreland Memorabilia

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Sadler's Wells Theatre started putting on shows there in 1996 and continue to do so to this day.

This Is You Life was filmed at the (then) Royalty Theatre

Peacock Theatre

Theatre in London owned by the London School of Economics.

Original building was the 2,000+ seater London Opera House commissioned by Oscar Hammerstein which opened on the 13th November 1911 and closed in July 1912.
In 1917 Sir Oswald Stoll converted it into the Stoll Picture Theatre and it was used as a cinema. After Stoll's death and with the return to live entertainment it became Stoll Theatre (~1943), and performances continued until 4th August 1957 when it closed for the building to be demolished.
The office development which replaced it included a new theatre on site, the 922 seat Royalty Theatre which opened in June 1960.
In the 1990's the theatre was purchased by the London School of Economics and renamed the Peacock Theatre.

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As London Opera House, 1911-1912:

DateShowProgramme in our eBay Store?
13th November 1911 (opening night)Quo Vadis
Author: Jean Nougues

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As Stoll (Picture) Theatre, 1940s - 4th August 1957:

DateShowProgramme in our eBay Store?
1941Twice-nightly variety
Cast included: Max Miller and exotic sand dancers, Wilson Keppel and Betty
~end 1946/1947Ice Revue
Cast included: Cecilia Colledge, Armand Perren
?Ice Shows
?Festival Ballet
?First London production of Porgy and Bess
1950 (4th year)Oklahoma!
1950Wild Violets
Cast included: Allen Christie, Ian Carmichael
April 1955 - 1956 - ? (over 600 performances)Kismet
? (final leg of post-Stratford tour)- 4th August 1957 (closing performance)Titus Andronicus
Author: William Shakespeare
Cast included: Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh

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As Royalty Theatre, June 1960 - ~1990s:

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June 1960 (opening performance)The Visit
Author: Durrenmatt
Cast included: Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt
1962-1970Used as a cinema
Thursday 2nd April 1970 - ?Birds Of A Feather
September 1970 - ? (over three years)Oh! Calcutta
Roundhouse July 1970 production
?Birds Of A Feather
?The Royalty Follies
?Bubblin' Brown Sugar

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As Peacock Theatre, ~1990s - now:

DateShowProgramme in our eBay Store?
14th - 16th May 1998Mrs Harris Goes To Paris
Choreographer: Harold King. Composer: Elizabeth Lane
Sadler's Wells. The London Children's Ballet
Saturday 27th - Monday 29th May 2000Into The Woods
National Youth Music Theatre production
12th December 2000 - 6th January 2001The Snowman (3rd year)
? - December 2004 - ?The Snowman
Raymond Briggs. Birmingham REP production
Tuesday 21st March - Saturday 8th April 2006Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo
Wednesday 24th May - Sunday 11th June 2006Tango por Dos
6th December 2006 - 7th January 2007The Snowman
Cast included: Brad Madison and Nicholas Cass-Beggs
Tuesday 6th February - Saturday 14th April 2007Jump
YEGAM Theatre Company

History of theatre taken from an article by Al Senter in The Snowman 2006 programme