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Little Theatre

Theatre on John Street, Adelphi, London which opened in 1910. Damaged by a bomb in 1917, re-opened in 1920. Damaged during the Blitz in 1941, derelict until demolished in 1949.
Home of the People's National Theatre in the 1930s.

Pre 1933 show history from a potentially unordered list of previous People's National Theatre productions in the Getting Married programme.

DateShowProgramme in our eBay Store?
1910 (opening performance)Lysistrata
Author: Aristophane
Early 1911The Goldfish
Cast included: Noel Coward (Prince Mussell)
Inc. transfer 622 performances
Fanny's First Play
Author: Bernard Shaw
Cast included: Christine Silver (Fanny)
1917 - 1920Closed due to bomb damage
1920sGrand Guignol
Cast included: Sybil Thorndike
1920sIntimate revues
Pre 1933The Man From Blankley's
Author: F. Anstey
Pre 1933The Christmas Carol
Author:Charles Dickens
Pre 1933A Pantomime Rehearsal
Author: Cecil Clay
Pre 1933Silver Box
Author: John Galsworthy
Pre 1933Hedda Gabler
Author: Henrik Ibsen
Pre 1933Belinda
Author: A. A. Milne
Pre 1933The Duke Of Killicrankie
Author: Robert Marshall
Pre 1933The Ship
Author: St. John Irvine
Pre 1933The Trojan Women
Translation: Gilbert Murray
Pre 1933Measure For Measure
Author: William Shakespeare
Pre 1933Salome
Author: Oscar Wilde
Pre 1933The Master Builder
Author: Henrik Ibsen
Pre 1933Merry Wives of Windsor
Author: William Shakespeare
Pre 1933Windows
Author: John Galsworthy
Pre 1933The Rose Without A Thorn
Author: Clifford Bax
Pre 1933A Cold June
Author: Arthur Pinero
Pre 1933The Secret Woman
Author: Eden Phillpotts
Pre 1933Alison's House
Author: Susan Glaspell
Pre 1933The Stronger
Author: Strindberg
Pre 1933The Lost Silk Hat
Author: Lord Dunsany
Pre 1933Coals of Fire
Author: Frederick Witney
Pre 1933The Quarrel
Author: Sorothea Moore
Pre 1933Fowl Play
Authors: Nancy Price and George Thirlwell
Pre 1933The Theatre Of The Soul
Author: Evreinov
Pre 1933Trifles
Author: Susan Glaspell
Pre 1933The Queen, God Bless Her
Author: Laurence Housman
Late 1932
Debate held after Saturday 3rd December matinee
Getting Married
Author: George Bernard Shaw
People's National Theatre
Sunday 11th December 1932, 3pmDebate: Christmas and the Theatre
Christmas 1932Alice In Wonderland
1933 (first production of year)The Witch
Author: John Masefield
Tuesday 26th January 1933, 3pmThe Trojan Women
Euripides. Translation: Gilbert Murray
Tuesday 31st January 1933, 3pmThe Trojan Women
Thursday 2nd February 1933, 3pmThe Trojan Women
Tuesday 7th February 1933, 3pmThe Trojan Women
Sunday 12th February 1933, 3pmThe Trojan Women
1930s (for two years)Whiteoaks
Author: Mazo de la Roche
1941-1949Derelict due to damage until demolished

Early theatre history from article in Evita at the Adelphi Sept 2006 programme