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Cambridge Theatre

Theatre in the Cambridge Circus area of London. Opened in on 4th September 1930. In the late 1930s - early 1940s it was used as a site for film trade shows.
Headquaters of the New London Opera Company from 1947. Significantly redesigned and relit in 1950

DateShowProgramme in our eBay Store?
4th September 1930 (opening performance) - ?Charlot's Masquerade
Revue by Ronald Jeans. Music: Roland Leigh. Producer: André Charlot.
Cast included: Beatrice Lillie
March 1931Chauve Souris
Nikita Balieff
September 1931Elizabeth of England
1932Sasha Guitry season
1934Comédie Francaise season
1935Bernard Shaw repertory season
Macdona Players
May 1939Ballet de la Jeunnesse
Lydia Kyasht
June 1942New Russian Ballet
Presented by Jay Pomeroy. With London Symphony Orchestra. Choreography: Catherine Devillier
March 1943 - September 1943 - ?Heartbreak House
Author: Bernard Shaw
Cast included: Robert Donat, Francis Lister, Edith Evans, Isabel Jeans
Christmas 1943Peter Pan
Cast included: Ann Todd (Peter Pan)
May 1944 - ? (433 performances)A Night In Venice
Operetta by Johann Strauss
? - 12th June 1946 - ?
In rep with DP (performances Tues, Thurs, Sat at 7pm)
La Boheme
New London Opera Company
M.A.D. Society Season of Opera
Wednesday 7th August 1946 - ?
In rep with LB (performances Mon, Wed, Fri at 7pm)
Don Pasquale
M.A.D. Society Season of Opera
Cast included: Alda Noni, Mariano Stabile, Andrew Macpherson, Martin Lawrence
~end 1946Don Pasquale (M & S 7pm), Tosca (Tu & Th 7pm), La Boheme (W 7pm, S 2.30pm) & Barber of Seville (F 7pm, W 2.30pm)
~1947 (2nd year)Rigoletto, Tosca, The Barber of Seville, La Boheme, Don Pasquale
New London Opera Company
? - 22nd December 1948 - February 1949 - ?Cage Me A Peacock
By Noel Langley
Cast included: Yolande Donlan
May 1949Sauce Tartare
Cecil Landeau Revue
Cast included: Renée Houston, Ronald Frankau, Claude Hulbert
1950Sauce Piquante
1951The Consul
1951 - 1952Foreign Dance seasons
21st August 1952 (first performance) - ?Affairs of State
Author: Louis Verneuil
Cast included: Joyce Redman, Coral Browne, Wilfrid Hyde White.
1954Book Of The Month
Tuesday 24th May 1955 (first performance) - 270156 - ?The Reluctant Debutante
Author: William Douglas Home, Director: Jack Minster
Cast included: Wilfrid Hyde White, Celia Johnson and Anna Massey
1958Breath of Spring
Early 1960
Transferred to St. Martins May 1960
The Wrong Side Of The Park
Late 1960Billy Liar
10th March - 23rd April 1966Antonio And His Spanish Dance Company With Rosario
May 1970Hedda Gabler
Author: Ibsen. Production: Ingmar Bergman. NT
Cast included: Maggie Smith (Hedda), Jeremy Brett (George Tesman), Robert Stephens (Lovborg)
Wednesday 6th October 1971 - ?West Of Suez
Author: John Osborne. Director: Anthony Page
Cast included: Ralph Richardson, Patricia Lawrence
? - March 1974 - ?Two And Two Makes Sex
Authors: Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon
Cast included: Patrick Cargill
Tuesday 10th April 1979 - ? (18 months)Chicago
By Fred Ebb, Bob Fosse ad John Kander
Cast included: Jenny Logan and Antonia Ellis
Thursday 23rd October 1980 - ?The Last Of Mrs Cheyney
Author: Frederick Lonsdale. Director: Nigel Patrick
Cast included: Joan Collins, Simon Williams
? - October 1990 - Feb 1992 - ?Return To The Forbidden Planet
Author: Bob Carlton
13th December 1994 - 21st January 1995Peter Pan The British Musical
By Piers Chater-Robinson
Cast included: Ron Moody, Nicola Stapleton
? - March 1999 (6th Year) - ?Grease is the word
? - December 1999 - ?Great Balls Of Fire The Jerry Lee Lewis Story
September 2000 - 30th March 2002 - ?The Beautiful Game
By Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton
? - December 2002 - 2003 - ?(for 10 months)Our House
Music and Lyrics: Madness
? - September 2006 - November 2009 - ?Chicago
? - August 2013 - nowMatilda The Musical

History of theatre from article in The Last of Mrs Cheyney 1980 programme.