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Birmingham REP/Repertory Theatre

Founded in 1913 as a 464 seat playhouse by Sir Barry Jackson. Moved in 1971 from Station Street (now home of the Old Rep Theatre) to Broad Street.
Made up of three stages:
The HOUSE, main theatre stage
The STUDIO, mid size space
The DOOR, smallest space. Opened on the 24th October 1973 as the Birmingham Rep Studio before being re-incarnated as The DOOR in 1998.

Some shows included a Spotlight/Pre-show talk or After Dark/Post-show talk on one of the performance days, these dates are given when known.

At The HOUSE/Unspecified:

DateShowProgramme in our eBay Store?
~1940sThe Winter's Tale
Author: William Shakespeare. Producer: H. K. Ayliff
Cast included: George Skillan, Jill Hawley
13th July 1943 - ? (three weeks)Ballet Rambert Repertory
? - 22nd July 1944 (four weeks)Ballet Rambert Repertory
Tuesday 18th - Wednesday 19th July 1944Ballet Rambert - Carnaval, Mephisto, Hebe, Gala Performance
Thursday 20th - Friday 21st July 1944Ballet Rambert - Carnaval, Death and the Maiden, The Descent of Hebe, Peter and the Wolf
Saturday 22nd July 1944Ballet Rambert - Les Sylphides, Facade, Lady into Fox, Bar aux Folies Bergere
~1946Our Town
Author: Thornton Wilder
Cast included: Brian Oulton and Dennis Vaughan
~1946 (after Our Town, curtain raiser for AatL?)The Man Of Destiny
Author: Bernard Shaw
~1946 (after Our Town)Androcles And The Lion
Author: Bernard Shaw
1973Guys And Dolls
1983 (British premiere)The Merchant
Author: Arnold Wesker
1983 (British premiere)The American Clock
Author: Arthur Miller
1987To Kill A Mockingbird
1988An Inspector Calls
1992Dangerous Corner
Author: J. B. Priestley
Cast included: Helen Baxendale
March 1993Othello
Author: William Shakespeare
Cast included: Alex Kingston (Desdemona) and Jeffrey Kissoon (Othello)
1995A View From The Bridge
Author: Arthur Miller
Cast included: Bernard Hill
1996The Alchemist
Author: Ben Jonson
Cast included: Simon Callow
Friday 11th October - Saturday 2nd November 1996
Spotlight: Wednesday 16th October, 6.30pm. After Dark: Tuesday 22nd October
A Doll's House
Author: Henrik Ibsen. Translation: Christopher Hampton
Sunday 3rd November 1996Brian Blessed - The Impossible Dream
Friday 8th - Saturday 9th November 1996Siobhan Davies Dance Company
Sunday 10th November 1996Two Old Farts
Cast included: Willie Rushton and Barry Cryer
Tuesday 12th - Saturday 16th November 1996Trainspotting
Author: Irvine Welsh. Adapated and Directed by Harry Gibson
Friday 29th November 1996 - Saturday 25th January 1997
After Dark: Tuesday 23rd December
Adapted and Directed by Anthony Clark. Music: Mark Vibrans
Saturday 7th December 1996 - Saturday 18th January 1997
Spotlight: Wednesday 8th January, 6.30pm
Season's Greetings
Author: Alan Ayckbourn. Director: Gwenda Hughes
Sunday 15th December 1996Chris Barber - Jazz And Blues Band In Concert
Author: Bryony Lavery
Cast included: Josie Lawrence
Friday 29th May - Saturday 20th June 1998
Spotlight: Wednesday 3rd June. After Dark: Tuesday 9th June
A Fool And His MoneyYes
Friday 22nd January - Saturday 13th February 1999
Spotlight (pre show): Wednesday 3rd February. After Dark: Wednesday 10th February
2 Pianos 4 Hands
Ted Dykstra and Richard Greenblatt
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Friday 19th February - Saturday 13th March 1999
Spotlight: Thursday 4th March. Post show talk: Tuesday 9th March
The Four Alice Bakers
Author: Fay Weldon
Monday 15th - Saturday 27th March 1999
Post show talk: Tuesday 23rd March
The Birthday Party
Author: Harold Pinter
Monday 5th - Saturday 10th April 1999Richard O'Brien's The New Rocky Horror Show
Friday 23rd April - Saturday 29th May 1999
Spotlight: Wednesday 12th May. Post show talk: Tuesday 18th May
The Pajama Game - A new style musical comedy
Director: Simon Callow
Tuesday 1st - Wednesday 2nd June 1999
Spotlight: Wednesday 2nd June
Nederlands Dans Theater 2
Friday 18th June - Saturday 17th July 1999
Post show talk: Tuesday 6th July, Spotlight: Wednesday 30th June
Author: Tom Stoppard
2007Uncle Vanya
Author: Chekhov. Adaptation: Bryony Lavery
Cast included: Jill Halfpenny
Author: Terry Johnson
2007Martha, Josie And The Chinese Elvis
Author: Charlotte Jones
Cast included: Maureen Lipman (Martha)
2007 (world premiere)Taking Care Of Baby
Author: Dennis Kelly
2007 (world premiere)Bulletproof Soul
Author: Jennifer Farmer
2010The Cherry Orchard
Author: Anton Chekhov, Adaptation: Tom Stoppard
Cast included: Josie Lawrence
3rd - 21st September 2013People
Author: Alan Bennett. NT
12th - 28th September 2013The Legend Of Mike Smith
Author: Soweto Kinch
19th September - 5th October 2013Hopelessley Devoted
Author: Kate Tempest
24th - 28th September 2013Dunsinane
Author: David Greig. Director: Roxana Silbert
24th - 28th September 2013Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience
4th - 19th October 2013Twelve Angry Men
Author: Reginald Rose
Cast included: Marin Shaw
15th October 2013The Best of BE Festival
21st - 26th October 2013A Passionate Woman
Author: Kay Mellor
Cast included: Lynda Bellingham, Christopher Timothy
1st - 16th November 2013Tartuffe
Author: Meolière. Adaptation: Chris Campbell. Director: Roxana Silbert
Cast included: Mark Williams
1st - 2nd November 2013Mess
Author: Caroline Horton
7th - 9th November 2013The Anatomy Of Melancholy
15th - 16th November 2013ZHE: [noun] Undefined
Collective Artistes. Director: Chuck Mike
19th - 23rd November 2013The Events
Author: David Greig
27th November 2013 - 4th January 2014A Christmas Carol
Author: Charles Dickens. Adaptation: Bryony Lavery. Music & Lyrics: Jason Carr.
17th - 21st December 2013366 Days Of Kindness
Creators: Bernadette Russell and Gareth Brierley
8th - 18th January 2014The Snowman
4th - 20th September 2014Rudy's Rare Records
Author: Danny Robins
Cast included: Lenny Henry
22nd September - 4th October 2014The Kite Runner
Adaptation: Matthew Spangler, Novel: Khaled Hosseini
10th October - 1st November 2014Of Mice And Men
Author: John Steinbeck
16th October - 1st November 2014Solomon And Marion
Author: Lara Foot
Cast: Dame Janet Suzman and Khayalethu Anthony
4th - 8th November 2014Dangerous Corner
Author: J.B. Priestley
4th - 8th November 2014My Perfect Mind
Authors: Kathryn Hunter, Paul Hunter and Edward Petherbridge
12th - 15th November 2014Othello
Author: William Shakespeare, Adaptation:Scott Graham and Steve Hoggett
19th - 22nd November 2014A Farewell To Arms
Author: Ernest Hemingway, Adaptation: imitating the dog
26th November 2014 - 24th January 2015The BFG
Author: Ronald Dahl, Adaptation: David Wood
27th January - 1st February 2015Peter Pan Goes Wrong
20th November 2015 - 16th January 2016 (The HOUSE)The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
Author: C.S. Lewis, Dramatised by Adrian Mitchell, Music: Shaun Davey
20th - 24th January 2016The Snowman
26th - 30th January 2016Macbeth
Author: William Shakespeare
The Young Vic and HOME
4th - 13th February 2016Of Mice And Men
Author: John Steinbeck
The Touring Consortium
17th - 27th February 2016Single Spies
Author: Alan Bennett
Cast included: Nicholas Farrell, Belinda Lang, David Robb
29th February - 5th March 2016The 39 Steps
Author: John Buchan, Adaptation: Patrick Barlow
19th - 26th March 2016The Government Inspector
Author: Nikolai Gogol, Adaptation: David Harrower
Ramps On The Moon
2nd - 9th April 2016The Rotters' Club
Author: Jonathan Coe, Adaptation: Richard Cameron
Young Rep
12th - 16th April 2016Twelfth Night
Author: William Shakespeare, Created by Filter
14th - 30th April 2016Folk
Author: Tom Wells
25th - 30th April 2016Flare Path
Author: Terence Raiitagn
3rd - 7th May 2016The Father
Author: Florian Zeller. Translation: Christopher Hampton
Theatre Royal Bath production
Cast included: Kenneth Cranham
19th - 28th May 2016King Lear
Author: William Shakespeare, Royal Exchange Theatre and Talawa Theatre Company
Cast included: Don Warrington
26th May - 4th June 2016The Quiet House
Author: Gareth Garr
31st May - 4th June 2016Shadowlands
Author: William Nicholson
Cast included: Stephen Boxer, Tony Slattery, Amanda Ryan
27th January - 11th February 2017What's In A Name?
Cast included: Nigel Harman, Sarah Hadland
14th - 15th February 2017William Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play (Abridged)
Reduced Shakespeare Company
20th - 26th February 2017Cirque Berserk!
10th March - 8th April 2017One Love- The Bob Marley Musical
Music and Lyrics: Bob Marley. Writer and Director: Kwame Kwei-Amah
31st March - 22nd April 2017Winnie And Wilbur
Author: Mike Kenny, based on Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul's books
17th - 27th May 2017The Who's Tommy
Music & Lyrics: Peter Townshed
New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich and Ramps on the Moon production
19th - 24th June 2017The Play That Goes Wrong
Authors: Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields
Mischief Theatre Companyu


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At The DOOR (formerly known as Birmingham Rep Studio, 1973-1998):

DateShowProgramme in our eBay Store?
1976Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been?
Author: Eric Bentley
Cast included: Tom Wilkinson
Author: Peter Farago
Cast included: DAvid Suchet
1978Mary Barnes
Author: David Edgar
Cast included: Simon Callow
Author: Ellen Dryden
Cast included: Bernard Hill
1983The Caretaker
Author: Harold Pinter
Cast included: Derek Thompson
Authir: Edward Bond
Cast included: Alex Kingston
1989On The Verge
Author: Eric Overmyer
Cast included: Juliet Stephenson
1992East Lynne
Author: Lisa Evans
Cast included: Helen Baxendale
1995A Yearning
Author: Ruth Carter
Cast included: Sudha Bhuchar
Tuesday 8th - Saturday 26th October 1996
After Dark: Thursday 24th October
East Is East
Author: Ayub Khan Din. Director: Kristine Landon Smith
Wednesday 30th October - Saturday 2nd November 1996Kathasuniasceal: Shape Shifting Stories
Presented by Brumhalata
Cast included: Vayu Naidu, Peter Bedejo, Huala Hayes, Ellen Canitch, Sarvar Sabri and Ian Parmell
Tuesday 26th November - Saturday 7th December 1996
After Dark: Tuesday 3rd December
Squealing Like A Pig
Author: Debbie Isitt. Director: Joanna Read.
Tuesday 14th - Saturday 25th January 1997What About Me?
Pop-Up Theatre
Monday 11th - Saturday 30th January 1999Just, Not Fair
Moving Theatre
Author: Jim Robinson. Director: Jessica Dromgoole.
Production design: Philippe Brandt. Lighting design: Jim Simmons
Actor: Malcolm Terney
Wednesday 13th - Friday 29th January 1999De Profundis
Author: Oscar Wilde. Moving Theatre
Performed by Corin Redgreave. Edited by Merlin Holland.
Music omposer: Jonathan Goldstein
Thursday 4th - Saturday 20th February 1999
Post show talk: Wednesday 17th February
Paddy Irishman, Padd Englishman and Paddy...?Author: Declan Croghan. Director: Anthony Clark
Designer: Patrick Connellan. Lighting Designer: Tim Mitchell
Tuesday 25th February - Saturday 20th March 1999
Post show talk: Wednesday 17th March
Author: Sarah Woods
Wednesday 24th March - Saturday 3rd April 1999
Post show talk: Wednesday 31st March
Author: Peter Cann
Thursday 15th April - 8th May 1999
Post show talk: Wednesday 28th April
Author: Fraser Grace
Thursday 13th May - Saturday 5th June 1999
Post show talk: Tuesday 6th July
All That Trouble That We Had
Author: Paul Lucas

History of the theatre from Claire Cochrane article in the 2 Pianos 4 Hands programme.