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Barbican Theatre & The Pit

Theatre in London, opened in 1982 as the London home of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)
Part of the Barbican Centre, contains the main Barbican Theatre and a smaller studio theatre called The Pit.

Some show dates overlap where they were performed in repertoire.

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Barbican Theatre

DateShowProgramme in our eBay Store?
1982 (opening performances)Henry IV parts 1 and 2
Early 1983The Taming Of The Shrew
Director: Barry Kyle
Early 1983The Roaring Gull
Authors: Thomas Middleton and Thomas Decker. Director: Barry Kyle
Early 1983Much Ado About Nothing
Director: Terry Hands
Early 1983King Lear
Director: Adrian Noble
21st July 1983 - ?Cyrano De Bergerac
Author: Edmund Rostand. Translation: Anthony Burgess. Director: Terry Hands
Summer 1983The Tempest
Director: Ron Daniels
Autumn 1983Macbeth
Director: Howard Davies
Mid-late 1983Maydays
Author: David Edgar. Director: Ron Daniels
Christmas 1983Peter Pan
Author: J. M. Barrie. Director: John Caird
Autumn 1985Love's Labour's Lost
Autumn 1985Hamlet
Autumn 1985Richard III
Autumn 1985Red Noses
Author: Peter Barnes
8th October 1985 - ?
Transferred to Palace
Les Miserables
Autumn 1986Misalliance
Author: Bernard Shaw. Director: John Caird
Autumn 1986Scenes From A Marriage
Adaptation: Peter Barnes, based on Georges Feydeau. Director: Terry Hands
Autumn 1986A Penny For A Song
Author: John Whiting. Director: Howard Davies.
Part of 8th July - 3rd October 1987 seasonThe Balcony
Author: Jean Genet. Director: Terry Hands
? - 18th July 1987Richard II
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Barry Kyle
Part of 8th July - 3rd October 1987 seasonRomeo and Juliet
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Michael Bogdanov.
August 1987 - season ending 3rd October 1987A Midsummer Night's Dream
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Bill Alexander
Part of 7th October 1987 - 27th February 1988 seasonThe Balcony
Author: Jean Genet
RSC production
Part of 7th October 1987 - 27th February 1988 season
Dates included: 11-14, 29-30 Jan, 1-4, 19-20 Feb
The Winter's Tale
Author: William Shakespeare
RSC production
Part of 7th October 1987 - 27th February 1988 season
Dates included: 15-16, 25-28 Jan, 5-6, 15-18 Feb
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Author: William Shakespeare
RSC production
Christmas 1987 (Part of 7th October 1987 - 27th February 1988 season)
Dates included: "Opening Performances" 12 Dec - 9 Jan, "Extended" 18-23 Jan, 8-13, 22-27 Feb
The Wizard of Oz
RSC production. Book Revisions: John Kane. Director: Ian Judge. Designer: Mark Thompson
Cast included: John Bowe (The Tin Man), Bille Brown (The Wicked Witch of the West), Jim Carter (The Cowardly Lion), Tony Church (The Wizard), David Glover (Uncle Henry), Paul Greenwood (The Scarecroz), Dilys Laye (Glinda, The Witch of the North), Imelda Staunton (Dorothy), The Munchkins
16th March 1989 - ?The Plantagenets
Adapted from Henry VI Parts 1, 2 & 3 and Richard III
Director: Adrian Noble
27th April 1989 - ?Macbeth
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Adrian Noble
18th May 1989 - ?The Tempest
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Nicholas Hytner
13th July 1989 - ?The Man Who Came To Dinner
Authors: Moss Hart and George S Kaufman
21st September 1989 - ?The Master Builder
Author: Henrik Ibsen. Director: Adrian Noble
13th June 1991 - ?The Comedy Of Errors
Author: William Shakespeare, RSC production
21st September 1991 - ? (previews)
26th September 1991 - ?
The Master Builder
Author: Henrik Ibsen. Director: Adrian Noble. Designer: Richard Hudson. Lighting: Chris Parry
? - 30th September 1992The Alchemist
Author: Ben Jonson. Director: Sam Mendes
Within 26th March - 28th November 1992 seasonRomeo and Juliet
Sirector: David Leveaux
10th July - 3rd October 1992Columbus and the Discovery of Japan
Author: Richard Nelson. Director: John Caird
27th August 1992 - ?The Thebans
Author: Sophocles. Translation: Timberlake Wertenbaker. Director: Adrian Noble
8th October 1992 - 13th March 1993The Two Gentlemen Of Verona
Director: David Thacker
12th December 1992 - ?Hamlet
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Adrian Noble
Cast included: Kenneth Branagh, Jane Lapotaire
23rd December 1992 - 30th January 1993The Comedy Of Errors
Director: Ian Judge
? - 2nd September 1993As You Like It
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: David Thacker
? - 4th September 1993Antony and Cleopatra
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: John Caird
? - season end 4th December 1993The Winter's Tale
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Adrian Noble
? - 25th November 1993The Taming Of The Shrew
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Bill Alexander
9th September 1993 - 24th February 1994Travesties
Author: Tom Stoppard. Director: Adrian Noble
23rd September - 21st October 1993The Two Gentlemen Of Verona
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: David Thacker
7th October - season end 4th December 1993Tamburlaine The Great
Author: Christopher Marlowe. Director: Terry Hands
Early 1994The Merchant of Venice
Director: David Thacker
28th April 1994 - ?Love's Labour's Lost
Director: Ian Judge.
26th May 1994 - ?King Lear
Director: Adrian Noble
7th July 1994 - ?The Tempest
Director: Sam Mendes
Cast included: Simon Russell Beale (Ariel), Alec McCowen (Prospero), David Bradley (Trinculo), David Troughton (Caliban)
? - 9th March 1995The Venetian Twins
Author: Carol Goldini. Version by Ranjit Bolt.
Director: Michael Bogdanov
Cast included: Jenny Quayle and David Troughton
28th November 1994 - 11th March 1995A Christmas Carol
Author: Charles Dickens. Adaptation: John Mortimer
Cast included: Clive Francis and Paul Greenwood
? - 8th January 1995How To Be Bottom: The Interactive Shakespeare Show (computer workshops)
19th January - 4th March 1995 (before International Tour )Love's Labour's Lost
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Ian Judge
Summer 1995Twelfth Night
Summer 1995Measure For Measure
Summer 1995Coriolanus
4th April - 15th June 1996The Taming of the Shrew
Director: Gale Edwards. RSC
18th April - 27th August 1996Romeo and Juliet
Director: Adiran Noble. RSC
16th May - 31st August 1996Julius Caesar
Director: Peter Hall. RSC
20th June - 29th August 1996Richard III
Director: Steven Pimlott. RSC
5th September - 5th October 1996A Midsummer Night's Dream
Director: Adiran Noble. RSC
? - September 1996 - ?Les Enfants du Paradis
Adaption and Director: Simon Callow
RSC production
Cast included: Helen McCrory, James Purefoy, Joseph Fiennes, Ruper Graves, Colin Farrell
14th - 18th October 1997Shintoku-Maru
The Ninagawa Company
4th - 22nd November 1997Henry V
Director: Ron Daniels. Designer: Ashley Martin-Davis. Lighting: Peter Mumford. Music: Colin Town
Cast included: Karine Adrover (Katherine), Alan David (Fluellen), Norman Rodway (Chorus), Michael Sheen (Henry V), Geoffrey Whitehead (Charles VI), Benny Young (Constable)
Tuesday 19th - Saturday 23rd May 1998
BITE:98 Season
Monsters of Grace
By Robert Wilson and Philip Glass
Wednesday 20th May - Saturday 6th June 1998
BITE:98 Season
Love's Fire: Fresh Numbers by Seven American Playwrights
The Acting Company New York
Monday 25th - Saturday 30th May 1998
BITE:98 Season
Measure For Measure
Director: Stéphane Braunschweig
Wednesday 3rd - Saturday 6th June 1998
BITE:98 Season
Monteverdi. Director: Trisha Brown
Monday 15th - Saturday 20th June 1998
BITE:98 Season
The Royal Ballet
Tuesday 23rd June - Saturday 4th July 1998
BITE:98 Season
The Gift
Writer and Performer: Angela de Castro
Saturday 27th June - Sunday 5th July 1998
BITE:98 Season
The Possessed
Maly Drama Theatre, St Petersburg
Monday 29th June - Saturday 11th July 1998
BITE:98 Season
Animal Crackers
Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester
Thursday 16th - Saturday 25th July 1998
BITE:98 Season
The Man Who Came To Dinner
The Steppenwolf Company, Chicago
Tuesday 21st July - Saturday 1st Auguat 1998
BITE:98 Season
2.5 Minute Ride
Witer and Performer: Lisa Kron
Monday 27th July - Saturday 8th August 1998
BITE:98 Season
Twyla Tharp Dance Company
Friday 28th August - Thursday 3rd September 1998
BITE:98 Season
The Ninagawa Company, Japan
Thursday 10th - Sunday 20th September 1998
BITE:98 Season
Peony Pavilion
Director: Peter Sellars. Music Composer: Tan Dun
Wednesday 16th September - Wednesday 3rd October 1998
BITE:98 Season
Miss Evers' Boys
Santa Fé Stages and Bristol Old Vic
Thursday 24th - Saturday 26th September 1998
BITE:98 Season
dumb type, Japan
Thursday 1st - Saturday 3rd October 1998
BITE:98 Season
Siobhan Davies Dance Company
Tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th October 1998
BITE:98 Season
Merce Cunningham Dance Company
Tuesday 6th - Saturday 17th October 1998
BITE:98 Season
A Huey P. Newton Story
Creator and Performer: Rger Guenveur Smith
Monday 12th - Saturday 17th October 1998
BITE:98 Season
National Theatre of Craiova, Romania
? - 9th March 1999The Merchant Of Venice
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Gregory Doran
? - 4th March 1999The Tempest
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Adrian Noble
? - 11th March 1999Measure For Measure
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Michael Boyd
18th March - 8th May 1999The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
Author: C.S. Lewis, dramatised by Adrian Mitchell. Director: Adrian Noble
25th March - 6th May 1999The Winter's Tale
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Gregory Doran
? - November 1999 - ?Endgame
Part of BITE Beckett Festival
Produced by Gate Theatre, Dublin
17th May - 3rd June 2000
BITE:00 Season
Solemn Mass for A Full Moon in Summer
Author: Michel Tremblay
Traverse Theatre Company
7th - 14th June 2000
BITE:00 Season
Scapin's Trickery
Author: Moliere
12th - 29th July 2000
BITE:00 Season
I'll Go On
Based on Samuel Beckett novels
Gate Theatre, Dublin production
Cast included: Barry McGovern
27th July - 5th August 2000
BITE:00 Season
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Author: Dale Wasserman, Based on novel by Ken Kesey
Steppenwolf Theatre Company
Cast included: Gary Sinise (Randle McMurphy)
27th September - 7th October 2000
BITE:00 Season
The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde
The Abbey Theatre, Dublin production
? - November 2000 - ?As You Like It
Director: Gregory Doran. RSC production
? - November 2000 - ?Back To Methuselah
November 2000 - ?The Duchess Of Malfi
Author: John Webster. RSC production
Cast included: Aisling O'Sullivan
29th November 2000 - ? (in rep)The Comedy Of Errors
RSC production
11, 18, 25 April & 2 May 2001Brixton Stories
Author: Biyi Bandele
RSC workshop performances
? - July 2001 - ?i said i
? - July 2001 - ?The Noise Of Time
Director: Simon McBurney
? - July 2001 - 31st August 2001 - ?The King Stag
? - December 2002 - ?Sleeping Beauty
Young Vic production. Rufus Norris
11th - 15th March 2003
Ay! Quixote
teatro Malandro, Switzerland
8th - 12th April 2003
Director: Calixto Bieito
Teatro Romea, Spain
1st - 4th May 2003
Author: Henrik Ibsen. Director: Ingmar Bergman
The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden
Early-Mid 2012Carousel
29th November 2014 - 24th January 2015Henry IV Parts I & II
Cast included: Antony Sher (Falstaff)
18th - 21st February 2015Eugene Onegin
Based on the novel by Alexander Pushkin. Director: Rimas Tuminas. Producer: Oksana Nemchuk
The Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre of Russia
4th - 28th March 2015Antigone
Author: Sophokles. Director: Ivo van Hove. Translation: Anne Carson
Cast included: Juliette Binoche (Antigone)
6th - 18th November 2017Coriolanus
24th November 2017 - 20th January 2018Julius Caesar
30th November 2017 - 20th January 2018Antony & Cleopatra
7th December 2017 - 19th January 2018Titus Andronicus

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The Pit

DateShowAvailable to buy
12th June 1991 - ?Troilus And Cressida
Spring 1983Antony And Cleopatra
Durector: Adrian Noble
Spring 1983The Body
Author: Nick Darke. Director: Nick Hamm
Spring 1983Lear
Author: Edward Bond. Director: Barry Kyle
Spring 1983Peer Gynt
Author: Henrik Ibsen. Translation: David Rudkin. Director: Ron Daniels
Summer 1983Tartuffe
Author: Moliere. Director: Bill Alexander
Summer 1983Moliere
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov. Version: Dusty Hughes. Translation: Helen Rappaport. Director: Bill Alexander.
Autumn 1983Arden Of Faversham
Author: Anon. Director: Terry Hands.
Mid-late 1983Custom Of The Country
Author: Nicholas Wright. Director: David Jones
Mid-late 1983Soft Cops
Author: Caryl Churchill. Director: Howard Davies
2nd January 1986 - ?Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Author: Christopher Hampton
Autumn 1986Principia Scriptoriae
Author: Richard Nelson. Director: David Jones
Autumn 1986The Archbishop's Ceiling
Author: Arthur Miller. Director: Nick Hamm
Autumn 1986The Dead Monkey
Author: Nick Darke. Director: Roger Michell
Autumn 1986Heresies
Author: Deborah Levy. Director: Susan Todd.
Part of 8th July - 3rd October 1987 seasonThe Storm
Author: Alexander Ostrovsky. Director: Nick Hamm
Part of 8th July - 3rd October 1987 seasonWorlds Apart
Author: José Triana. Director: Nick Hamm
Part of 8th July - 3rd October 1987 seasonFlight
Author: David Lan. Director: Howard Davies
August 1987 - season ending 3rd October 1987The Art of Success
Author: Nick Dear. Director: Adrian Noble
Part of 7th October 1987 - 27th February 1988 seasonDeathwatch/The Maids
Author: Jean Genet
RSC production
Part of 7th October 1987 - 27th February 1988 seasonOld Year's Eve
Author: Peter Speyer
RSC production
Part of 7th October 1987 - 27th February 1988 seasonThe Art Of Success
Author: Nick Dear
RSC production
Part of 7th October 1987 - 27th February 1988 seasonSpeculators
Author: Tony Marchant. Director: Barry Kyle
RSC production
22nd March 1989 - ?Restoration
Author: Edward Bond. Director: Roger Michell
5th April 1989 - ?The Man Of Mode
Author: George Etherege. Director: Garry Hynes
26th April 1989 - ?King John
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Deborah Warner
17th May 1989 - ?The Plain Dealer
Author: William Wycherley. Director: Ron Daniels
12th July 1989 - ?Some Americans Abroad
Author:Richard Nelson. Director: Roger Michell
26th July 1989 - ?Across Oka
Author: Robert Holman. Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
16th August 1989 - ?The Love Of The Nightingale
Author: Timberlake Wertenbaker. Director: Garry Hynes
20th September 1989 - ?Mary And Lizzie
Author: Frank McGuinness. Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
? - 14th September 1992The Virtuoso
Author: Thomas Shadwell. Director: Phyllida Lloyd
? - 30th September 1992A Woman Killed With Kindness
Author: Thomas Heywood. Director: Katie Mitchell
8th July 1992 - ?The Dybbuk
Author: Solomon Anski. Director: Katie Mitchell.
26th August 1992 - 5th January 1993Amphibians
Author: Billy Roche. Director: Michael Attenborough
7th October 1992 - ?Artists And Admirers
Author: Alexander Ostrovsky. New version by Kevin Elyot
Director: Phyllida Lloyd
22nd - 26th November 1992Scandinavian Festival
22nd November 1992 (5pm, 8pm)Bellman's Opera
23rd November 1992 (7.30pm)Rain Snakes
rehearsed reading
24th November 1992 (7.30pm)Autumn and Winter
rehearsed reading
25th November 1992 (5pm)Beowulf
Cast included: Julian Glover
25th November 1992 (7.30pm)Burnt Nyal
rehearsed reading
26th November 1992 (4pm, 7.30pm)Bellman's Opera
Late 1992The Gift Of The Gorgon
Author: Peter Schaffer. Director: Peter Hall
13th January 1993 - ?King Baby
Author: James Robson. Director: Simon Usher
? - 2nd September 1993A Jovial Crew
Author: Richard Brome. Adpatation: Stephen Jeffreys. Director: Max Stafford-Clark
? - 4th September 1993The Changeling
Authors: Thomas Middleton and William Rowley. Director: Michael Attenborough
? - 2nd October 1993The Odyssey
New version by Derek Walcott. Director: gregory Doran
? - 25th November 1993Misha's Party
Authors: Richard Nelson and Alexander Gelman. Director: David Jones
8th September - seeason end 4th December 1993Wallenstein
Author: Friedrich von Schiller. Translation: Francis Lamport. Adapted and Directed by Tim Albery
6th October - season end 4th December 1993All's Well That Ends Well
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Peter Hall.
? - 24th February 1994Unfinished Business
Author: Michael Hastings
Early 1994Ghosts
Author: Ibsen. Translation: Michael Meyer. Director: Katie Mitchell
27th April 1994 - ?Elgar's Rondo
Author: David Pownall. Director: Di Trevis
25th May 1994 - ?Murder In The Cathedral
Author: TS Eliot. Director: Steven Pimlott
6th July 1994 - ?The Country Wife
Author: William Wycherley. Director: Max Stafford-Clark
? - 9th March 1995Ion
Author: Euripides. English version: David Lan
Director: Nicholas Wright
? - 11th March 1995New England
Author: Richard Nelson. Director: Peter Gill.
18/19th January 1995 (first preview)
25th January 1995 (opening night)
Easter A Passion Play
Author: August Strindberg
3rd April - 15th June 1996The Relapse or Virtue in Danger
Author: Sir John Vanbrugh. Director: Ian Judge
17th April - 27th August 1996The Devil Is An Ass
Author: Ben Jonson. Director: Matthew Warchus
15th May - 31st August 1996The Painter of Dishonour
Author: Pedre Calderon de la Barca. Version: Laurence Boswell and David Johnston. Sirector: Laurence Boswell.
19th June - 29th August 1996The Phoenician Women
Author: Euripides. Director: Katie Mitchell
7th September - 5th October 1996Faust parts 1 and 2
Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Version: Howard Brenton. Director: Michael Bogdanov.
? - 27th March 1999Shadows
A Trinity of plays by JM Synge and WB Yates. Director: John Crowley
? - 28th January 1999The Two Gentlemen Of Verona
Author: William Shakespeare. Director: Edward Hall
? - 13th March 1999Bad Weather
Author: Robert Holman. Director: Steven Pimlott
18th February - 27th April 1999Goodnight Children Everywhere
Author: Richard Nelson. Director: Ian Brown
31st March - 1st May 1999Roberto Zucco
Author: Bernard Marie-Koltes. English version: Martin Crimp. Director: James Macdonald
4th - 8th May 1999A Month In The Country
By Brian Friel after Ivan Turgenev. Director: Michael Attenborough
23rd August - 9th September 2000
BITE:00 season
Clear Water
Author: Christopher Rodriguez. Direcor: Femi Elufowoju Jnr. Designer: Salvatore Forino. Music: 3 Canal
Oval House
? - 18th November 2000The Tempest
Director: James Macdonald
10th - 14th July 2001Century of Fools
5th - 22nd March 2003
Drummer Wanted
New York City Players, Richard Maxwell
1st - 12th April 2003
vau da Sarapalha
Director: Luiz Carlos de Vasconcelos
Grupo Piollin, Brazil
19th June - 12th July 2003
Author: Giuseppe Manfridi. English Version: Colin Teevan. Director: Sir Peter Hall.
14th December 2004 - ?C'est Barbican!