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The Wives' Excuse

Author: Thomas Southerne. Epilogue: Southerne, Rochester and April de Angelis.


Swan Theatre, 1994, RSC

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Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
First performance: 27th July 1994
Director: Max Stafford-Clark. Designer: Julian McGowan.
Lighting Designer: Wayne Dowdeswell. Music Adaptation and Arrangement: Guy Woolfenden.
Movement: Sue Lefton. Mask work: Sally Cook. Sound: Tim Oliver.
Music Director: John Woolf. Assistant Director: Rachel Kavanaugh.
Music: Henry Purcell.

CharacterPlayed By
The Gentlemen and Ladies of the Town
Mr RuffleDavid Beames
Mr FriendallRobert Bowman
Mr LovemoreAnthony Cochrane
Mr WellvileNigel Cooke
Music Master
Understudy Footmen of Wellvile, Friendall, Wilding, Ruffle
Ken Dudley
Captain SpringameAdrian Irvine
Mr Courtall
Understudy Wellvile
Vivian Munn
Mr WildingClive Wood
Mrs TeazallCaroline Blakiston
Fanny, Mrs Teazall's niece
Understudy Mrs Sightly/Betty
Claire Carrie
Mrs WittwoudLesley Manville
Betty, Mrs Wittwoud's maid
Understudy Mrs Friendall/2nd Page/Mrs Wittwoud's Footman
Claire Marchionne
Mrs SlightlyKatharine Rogers
Mrs FriendallOlivia Williams
Their Servants
Mr Wellvile's Footman
Understudy Friendall
James Barriscale
Mr Friendall's Footman
Understudy Springame
Linford Brown
Mr Lovemore's Footman
Understudy Courtall
Nigel Clauzel
Mr Ruffle's Footman
Understudy Music Master
David Hounslow
Mr Wilding's Footman
Understudy Wilding
William Houston
Mr Courtall's Footman
Understudy Ruffle
Glenn Hugill
Mrs Wittwoud's Footman
Understudy Lovemore
Quill Roberts
Lady Smirkit's Page
Understudy Mrs Teazall/1st Page/Courtall's Footman
Lucy Campbell
Lady Woudmore's Page
Understudy Mrs Wittwoud/Fanny/Lovemore's Footman
Catherine Kanter
ViolinRichard Springate
ViolinGillian Springate
ViolaMalcolm Henderson
CelloNaomi Boole-Masterson
HarpsichordJohn Woolf

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