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The Way Of The World

Author: William Congreve


Theatre Royal Haymarket, 1984

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Theatre Royal Haymarket
First performance: Tuesday 13th November 1984
Chichester Festival Theatre production.
Director: William Gaskill. Designer: Hayden Griffin
Costumes: Deirdre Clancy. Lighting: Andy Phillips.
Music: Christopher Littlewood. Musical Director: Peter Hayward.
Dance: Geraldine Stephenson.

November 1984 programme cast
CharacterPlayed By
Fainall (in love with Mrs. Marwood)Frank Barrie
Mirabell (in love with Mrs. Millamant)Michael Jayston
Witwoud (Follower of Mrs. Millamant)John Moffatt
Petulant (Follower of Mrs. Millamant)James Villiers
Sir Wilfull Witwoud (Half brother to Witwoud and Nephew to Lady Wishfort)James Grout
Waitwell (Servant to Mirabell)Tim Swinton
Lady Wishfort (Enemy to Mirabell, for having falsely pretended love to her)Joan Plowright
Mrs. Millamant (A fine lady, Niece to Lady Wishfort, and loves Mirabell)Maggis Smith
Mrs. Marwood (Friend to Mr. Fainall, and likes Mirabell)Margaret Whiting
Foible (Woman to Lady Wishfort)Rita Gerza
Mincing (Woman to Mrs. Millamant)Amanda Holmes
CoachmanChris Winnera
BettyAmanda Wise
PegTricia Morrish
Mirabell's ServantJeremy Gagan
Lady Wishfort's ServantAnthony Dunston
SingerTricia Morrish

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