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The Taming Of The Shrew

Author: William Shakespeare


Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, 1953
Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, 1960
Royal Shakespeare Company, 1967

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Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon.
Producer:George Devine. Scenery and Costume Designer: Vivienne Kernot.
Music Composer: Roberto Gerhard. Lighting Designer: Desmond Hall.

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CharacterPlayed By
Christopher Sly, a TinkerMichael Warre
Hostess of an ale-houseJoan Sanderson
A LordJohn Bushelle
HuntsmanAlan Townsend
HuntsmanMichael Hayes
A PageRichard Martin
The Lord's ServantGeorge Hart
The Lord's ServantNigel Davenport
The Lord's ServantJohn Roberts
The Lord's MusicianRaymond Sherry
The Lord's MusicianDennis Clinton
The Lord's MusicianJohn Glendenning
Players, impersonating:
Lucentio, a young Gentelman of PisaTony Britton
Tranio, his ServantRobert Shaw
Baptista, a rich Gentleman of PaduaNoel Howlett
Katharina, the Shrew, Baptista's DaughterYvonne Mitchell
Bianca, Baptista's DaughterMary Watson
Gremio, Suitor to BiancaDonald Eccles
Hortensio, Suitor to BiancaBasil Hoskins
Biondello, Servant to LucentioDavid O'Brien
Petruchio, a Gentleman of VeronaMarius Goring
Grumio, his ServantDonald Pleasence
Curtis, Servant at Petruchio's country houseBernard Kay
Peter, Servant at Petruchio's country houseJerome Willis
Phillip, Servant at Petruchio's country housePeter Johnson
Nathaniel, Servant at Petruchio's country houseJames Culliford
Gregory, Servant at Petruchio's country houseGareth Jones
A TailorPeter Duguid
A HaberdasherJames Wellman
A Pedant, travelling from MantuaPhilip Morant
Vincentio, Father to LucentioPeter Norris
A WidowMarigold Charlesworth

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Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
Director: John Barton. Setting and Costumes: Alix Stone.
Lighting: John Wyckham. Music Adviser: Raymond Leppard. Music Director: Brian Priestman.

CharacterPlayed By
Christopher SlyJack MacGowran
HostessMavis Edwards
A LordIan Richardson
HuntsmenWalter Brown, Philip Voss, James Kerry, David Buck
BartholemewJames Langley
WenchDiana Rigg
WenchMandy Miller
Characters in A Play
Lucentio, a young gentleman of PisaPeter Jeffrey
Tranio, his servantJames Bree
Baptista, a gentleman of PaduaPaul Hardwick
Katharina, his daughterPeggy Ashcroft
Bianca, his daughterElizabeth Sellars
Gremio, suitor to BiancaIan Holm
Hortensio, suitor to BiancaTony Church
Biondello, servant to LucentioDinsdale Landen
Petruchio, a gentleman of VeronaPeter O'Toole
Grumio, his servantPatrick Wymark
Curtis, his servantStephen Thorne
Nicholas, his servantDavid Buck
Joseph, his servantChristopher Cruise
Phillip, his servantDonald Douglas
Peter, his servantClive Swift
Nathaniel, his servantWilliam Wallis
PrompterDave Thomas
Boy PlayerDennis Waterman
A PedantDonald Layne-Smith
TailorClifford Rose
Vincentio, father of LucentioRoy Dotrice
A WidowWendy Gifford
TapsterClive Swift

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Royal Shakespeare Company
Director: Trevor Nunn. Designer: Christopher Morley.
Assistant to the Director: Mike Leigh. Associate Designer: Reg Samuel.
Music: Guy Woolfenden. Lighting: John Bradley.

CharacterPlayed By
Christopher SlyMorgan Sheppard
HostessLila Kaye
TapsterMichael Goldie
A LordDonald Burton
BartholomewSeymour Matthews
HuntsmanRobert East
HuntsmanTom Georgeson
HuntsmanDerek Steen
HuntsmanBen Kingsley
HuntsmanRoger Rees
The Players
Lucentio, a young gentleman of Pisa and PhilipRobert Lloyd
Tranio, a servant of Lucentio and NathanielCharles Thomas
Baptista, a gentleman of PaduaRoy Kinnear
Katharina, elder daughter of Baptista and An OfficerJanet Suzman
Bianca, younger daughter of Baptista and JosephJune Watts
Gremio, suitor to BiancaTerrence Hardiman
Hortensio, suitor to BiancaTim Wylton
Biondello, a servant of Lucentio and CurtisJohn Kane
Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona and An OfficerMichael Williams
Grumio, a servant of PetruchioPatrick Stewart
Vincentio, father to Lucentio and A TailorRichard Simpson
A Pedant and PeterGeorge Cormack
A Widow ande NicholasFrances de la Tour
MusicianGeoffrey Browne
MusicianRichard Lee
MusicianDavid Munrow
MusicianRobin Weatherall

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