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The Storm

Author: Peter Oswald after Plautus


Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, 2005

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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Part of The Season of the World and Underworld, 6th May - 2nd October 2005
Master of Play: Tim Carroll. Master of Design: Laura Hopkins.
Master of Music/Composer: Claire van Kampen. Master of Dance: Siân Williams.
Master of the Words: Giles Block. Master of Movement: Glynn MacDonald.
Master of Voice: Stewart Pearce. Assistant to the Master of Play: Natalie Abrahami.
Assistant to the Master of Design: Gaëlle Lindingre.

CharacterPlayed By
Weather GirlLiz Collier
PtolemocratiaFiona Creese
SceparnioJames Garnon
PlesidippusAlex Hassell
CharmidesEdward Hogg
PalaestraEmma Lowndes
Daemones/Labrax/The WeatherMark Rylance
AmpeliscaJodie Whittaker
Weather Girl/VenusSiân Williams
MD/Master of SticksPgil Hopkins
Mistress of the VibesIrita Kutchmy
Master of the WashtubDai Pritchard

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