Theatreland Memorabilia

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The Reluctant Debutante


Cambridge Theatre
First performance: Tuesday 24th May 1955
Last performance: ? (after 270156)
Director: Jack Minster. Settings: Hutchinson Scott.

270156 edition programme cast

CharacterPlayed By
Jimmy BroadbentWilfrid Hyde White
Sheila BroadbentCelia Johnson
JaneAnna Massey
Mabel CrosswaiteEileen Peel
ClarissaAnna Steele
David BullochPeter Myers
David Hoylake-JohnsonJohn Merivale
Mrs. EdgarGwynne Whitby

Theatre Royal Brighton
First performance: Monday 24th June 1957 (for one week)
Director: Jack Minister. Settings: Hutchinson Scott.

CharacterPlayed By
Jimmy BroadbentJack Hulbert
Sheila BroadbentGwynne Whitby
JaneDiane Clare
Mabel CrosswaiteJoan Peart
ClarissaValerie Kirkbright
David BullochPeter Myers
David Hoylake-JohnstonJohn Barron
Mrs. EdgarJudith Craig

Ffrith Pavilion, Prestatyn

First performance: Wednesday 31st July 1957 (for one week)
The Galleon Theatre Company. Production and Setting: Derek Pollitt.

CharacterPlayed By
Jimmy BoradbentDerek Pollitt
Sheila Broadbent (his wife)Pamela Rayner
Jane (his daughter)Pamela Edwards
Mabel CrosswaiteDiana Maturi
Clarissa (her daughter)Judith Stubbs
David BullochClyde Pollitt
David Hoylake-JohnstonStuart Hillier