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The Quare Fellow

Author: Brendan Behan


Comedy Theatre, 1956

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Comedy Theatre
First performance: Tuesday 24th July 1956
Director: Joan Littlewood.
Theatre Workshop.

CharacterPlayed By
DunlavinMaxwell Shaw
NeighbourGerard Dynevor
Hard CaseGlynn Edwards
The Man of ThirtyBrian Murphy
LiferRobert Henderson
The Other FellowPeter Smallwood
MickserRichard Harris
Schol, Young PrisonerTony Selby
Zeppo, Young PrisonerJohn Rollason
English Voice, Young PrisonerDavid Butler
The Boy From The Island, Young PrisonerHenry Livings
The EmbezzlerBarry Clayton
Chief WarderMaxwell Shaw
ReganDudley Foster
The Young OneBrian Nunn
O'DonovanWilliam Sherwood
The New OneBrian O'Higgins
The Prison GovernorRobert Henderson
Holy HealeyBarry Clayton
The HangmanGerry Raffles
His AssistantHoward Goorney

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