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The Life Of Galileo

Author: Bertolt Brecht


Almeida Theatre
First performance: 11th February 1994
A new version by David Hare. Direction: Jonathan Kent

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CharacterPlayed By
Galileo GalileiRichard Griffiths
Andrea Sarti, as a boyPeter England/Daniel Worters
Signora SartiElizabeth Bell
Ludovico Marsili
Cosimo de Medici
Timothy Watson
The Chancellor, Signor Priuli
Patrick Godfrey
SagredoAnthony O'Donnell
VirginiaCara Kelly
Cosimo de Medici, as a boyIan Gostling/Toby James
Cardinal Bellarmin
Jerome Willis
PhilosopherRobert James
FederzoniStanley Lebor
The Old CardinalMichael Gough
The Litle Monk, FulganzioPhelim Drew
The Cardinal InquisitorAlfred Burke
Cardinal BarberiniEdward de Souza
Andrea SartiColin Tierney
VanniRichard Addison