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The Insect Play

Authors: Brothers Capek


Duke Of Yorks Theatre, 1938

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Duke Of York's Theatre
Translation: Paul Selver. Adapation and Producer: Nancy Price. Music: Jonathan Field.
The People's National Theatre.

CharacterPlayed By
Act I
The TrampEdmund Willard
The LepidopteristA. Bromley-Davenport
Insects - The Butterflies
ClytieMarta M Trovitch
FelixPhilip Geddes
IrisPauline Vilda
VictorWilfred Fletcher
OttoMichel Bazalgette
Act II
The Creepers And Crawlers
The ChrysalisJoyce Redman
Mr. BeetleA. Bromley-Davenport
Mrs. BeetleAmy Dalby
A Strange BeetleJordan Lawrence
Ichneumon FlyWilfred Fletcher
The LarvaSheila Kay
Mr. CricketPhilip Geddes
Mrs. CricketJoyce Redman
The ParasiteEsmond Knight
The Ants
The Blind Time-KeeperEdward Swinton
The Chief EngineerEsmond Knight
The Second EngineerMichel Bazalgette
The InventorWilfred Fletcher
The Signal OfficerJordan Lawrence
The JournalistBarrett Preston
The PhilanthropistMarta Mitrovitch
Chief of the Yellow AntsPatrick Gover
1st MessengerPhilip Geddes
2nd MessengerLeslie Stuart
The Moths
Mr. SnailPercy Goodyer
Mrs. SnailAmy Dalby
MothPauline Vilda
MothSheila Kay
MothNorah Williams
MothDestine Rowley
A Wood CutterA. Bromley-Davenport
Country WomanQueenie Henson

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