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The Broken Heart

Author: John Ford


Swan Theatre, 1994, RSC

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Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
First performance: 12th October 1994
RSC production.
Director: Michael Boyd. Designer: Tom Piper.
Lighting Designer: Rick Fisher. Music: Craig Armstrong.
Movement: Janet Smith. Fights: Terry King. Sound: Andrea J Cox

CharacterPlayed By
Orgilus, a young noblemanIain Glen
Penthea, Orgilus' betrothed but wife to BassanesEmma Fielding
Crotolon, Orgilus' father, a privy counsellorTony Britton
Euphranea, Orgilus' sister, a maid of honour
Understudy Penthea
Elaine Pyke
Amyclas, King of SpartaEwan Hooper
Armostes, Penthea's and Ithocles' uncle, a privy counsellorAnthony Naylor
Prophilus, Ithocles' lieutenant
Understudy Orgilus
William Houston
Calantha, the King's daughterOlivia Williams
Philema, a maid of honour
Understudy Calantha
Julia Crane
Christalla, a maid of honour
Understudy Grausis
Fiona Tong
Maid of honour
Understudy Euphraneas/Christalla/Philema/Servant
Lucy Campbell
Ithocles, Penthea's brother, the King's favouriteRobert Bowman
Lemophil, a courtier, pursuing Christalla
Understudy Prophilus/Armostes
Gwynn Beech
Groneas, a courtier, pursuing Philema
Understudy Ithocles
Anthony Cochrane
Tecnicus, a priestRobert Gillespie
Servant to TecnicusDominic Vizor/Matthew Winston
Bassanes, a noble of the realmPhilip Voss
Phulas, his servant
Understudy Bassanes
James Barriscale
Servant to Bassanes
Understudy Amelus/Lemophil/Tecnicus/Servant
Ken Dudley
Grausis, chaperon to PentheaDoreen Hepburn
Nearchus, Prince of Argos
Understudy Amyclas/Crotolon
David Beames
Amelus, a knight from the realm of Argos
Understudy Nearchus/Groneas/Phulas
Jonathan Dean

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