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The Boy Friend

Book, Music and Lyrics: Sandy Wilson


Players' Theatre, 1953
Wyndham's Theatre, 1954

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Players' Theatre
First performance: Tuesday 14th April 1953

CharacterPlayed By

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Wyndham's Theatre
First performance: Thursday 14t January 1954
Producer: Vida Hope. Dances arranged by: John Heawood.
Scenery and Costumes Designer: Reginald Woolley.

14-6-54 ed. programme cast
CharacterPlayed By
Hortense, a French MaidVioletta
Maisie, Pupil at Madame Dubonnet's Finishing SchoolDenise Hirst
Dulcie, Pupil at Madame Dubonnet's Finishing SchoolMaria Charles
Fay, Pupil at Madame Dubonnet's Finishing SchoolJoan Gadsdon
Nancy, Pupil at Madame Dubonnet's Finishing SchoolJuliet Hunt
Polly BrowneAnne Rogers
MarcelStephen Warwick
PierreJack Thomson
AlphonseGeoffrey Webb
Madame DubonnetJoan Sterndale Bennett
Bobby Van HusenLarry Drew
Percival BrowneFred Stone
TonyAnthony Hayes
Lord BrockhurstJohn Rutland
Lady BrockhurstBeryl Cooke
GendarmeHugh Forbes
A WaiterAlan Dudley
Pépé, Speciality DancerStephen Warwick
Lolita, Speciality DancerJoan Gadson
GuestStella Chapman
GuestEleanor McCready
GuestGrace O'Connor
GuestNorman Warwick

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