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She's Done It Again!

Author: Michael Pertwee
With acknowledgements to Guy Bolton and Vernon Sylvaine.


Brian Rix Theatre of Laughter
First try-out at Richmond.
Re-written, second try-out at Palmers Green.
Another major re-write.
Garrick Theatre
First performance: 15th October 1969
Director: Wallace (Wally) Douglas

CharacterPlayed By
Hubert PorterBrian Rix
Mary PorterAnna Dawson
SylviaMargaret Nolan
Freddy GimbleSimon Merrick
Professor HoggDerek Royle
Bishop of UptonAnthony Sharp
UnknownRobert Dorning
UnknownLeo Franklyn
UnknownMichael Kilgarriff
UnknownHazel Douglas
UnknownElaine Baillie

History of the development of the production from the 1971 Brian Rix 'Theatre of Laughter' Souvenir programme.