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Robin Hood or The Forrester's Fate

A Pantomime by F. C. Burnand. Adaptation: Denis Martin
Lyrics: Maurice Browning. Music Arrangement: Geoffrey Brawn.

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Players' Theatre
First performance: 16th December 1981.
Dances and Musical items staged by: Doreen Hermitage.
Costumes Designers: Reginald Hanson and Victoria Norrington.
Scenery Designer: Reginald Woolley.
Directors: Doreen Hermitage and Geoffrey Brawn.

CharacterPlayed By
Tuck (Lady Clare's steward, a Friar who becomes a Griller)Mr. Deryk Parkin
Lady Clare (from a long line, but is always short)Miss Eleanor McCready
Clarabelle (Marian's waiting-maid, who has a 'Will' of her own)Miss Debbie Goody
Marian (Lady Clare's daughter, A Belle among the 'Bows')Miss Zoe Bright
Sir Gilbert de Mountfalcon (First cousin to the Earl of Huntingdon, hounds his cousin to ensure that Huntings-done) Mr. Anthony Bateman
Sheriff of Nottingham (Is the only law-yer can find in Nottingham)Mr. David Bluestone
Alice (Daughter of Sheriff, She-riffuses all but Sir John-Little Wonder)Miss Debbie Goodman
Allan-a-Dale (A Sheriff's man of many parts)Mr. John Rutland
Will Scarlett (A reddy young man always at the ready when Robin calls)Mr. Graham Richards
Robin (Earl of Huntingdon, A Beau amongst Bowmen)Miss Angela Easterling
Sir John Little (Little by name, Large by nature)Mr. Christopher Connah
Dorothy (Nurse to Miss Alice, and a very wet nurse indeed)Miss Daphne Anderson
Much the Miller (A grumbler, said to be the author or 'Much ado about nothing')Mr. Peter Sutherland
Tradesmen, Outlaws, Policemen, Peasants etc.Miss Mairi Armstrong, Miss Victoria Duncan, Miss Susan Flannery, Miss Shirley Greenwood, Miss Shirley Rayner, Mr. John Denton, Mr. Harold Lorenzelli, Mr. Patrick McCarthy

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