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Return To The Forbidden Planet

Author: Bob Carlton


Cambridge Theatre, 1989
UK Tour, 1996

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Cambridge Theatre
First performance: Monday 18th September 1989

CharacterPlayed By

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UK Tour Production 1996
Monday 9th - Saturday 14th December 1996, Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield
Original Production Director: Bob Carlton. Re-directed for UK Tour: Peter Rowe.
Production Musical Director: Kate Edgar. Set Design: Rodney Ford.
Costume Design: Sally Lesser. Ariel Costume Design: Adrian Rees.
Video Special Effects: Gerry Anderson. Sound Design: Bobby Aitkens.
Lighting Design: Benny Ball. Musical Staging:Carole Todd

December 1996/Lyceum programme cast
CharacterPlayed By
Captain Tempest, A starship captain, square-jawed Boys' Own paper hero and pipe-smokerStuart Nurse
Dr Prospero, A scientistRoger Alborough
Ariel, A robotMarvin Springer
Cookie, The ship's cook, a hopeless romanticMatt Devitt
Science Officer, A woman with a mysterious pastAllison Harding
Bosun Arras, All-round good guy
Understudy for Ariel
Simon Jessop
Navigation Officer, A man who knows where he is going
Touring Musical Director
Clive Fishlock
Miranda, Virgin and would-be Homecoming QueenSarah Whittuck
ChorusPatrick Moore
The Infant MirandaRebecca Ptaszynski
Damage Control Crew
Mo Dem, Ship's computer expert
Understudy for Science Officer and Navigation Officer
Jane Milligan
Karmen Rolla, Ship's hairdresser
Understudy for Miranda
Sian Allen
Lemmy Atom, Ship's security and munitions expert
Understudy for Prospero & Captain Tempest
Kludo White
Jimmy Kwipment, Ship's fitness officer
Understudy for Cookie & Bosun Arras
Jonathan Bonner

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