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Reluctant Heroes

Author: Colin Morris


Brian Rix Theatre of Laughter
Brian Rix's Repertory Theatre in Bridlington
Followed by a Try-out Tour of nearly 5 months

Initial Try-out Tour cast:

CharacterPlayed By
Cockney Sergeant BellWally Patch
Tone, the public schoolboyDermot Walsh
Gregory from LancashireBrian Rix
WRAC OfficerElspet Gray

Cast at Torquay:

CharacterPlayed By
UnknownWally Patch
UnknownGeorge Radford
UnknownBrian Rix
UnknownElspet Gray
UnknownAlan Scott
UnknownBasil Radford
UnknownLarry Noble

Transferred to Whitehall Theatre
First performance: 12th September 1950
Last performance: 1954

CharacterPlayed By
Sgt. BellWally Patch
GregoryBrian Rix
MorganLarry Noble
ToneDermot Walsh

Early history taken from the 1971 Brian Rix 'Theatre of Laughter' Souvenir programme