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Red Riding Hood

Devised by Francis Laidler. With interpolations by Marriott Edgar.
Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
1938-1939 pantomime
Dance Ensembles and Ballet: Joan Davis. Music composed, selected and arranged by Kennedy Russell.

CharacterPlayed By
Mother HubbardNelson Keys
Prince Charming of RomanciaPatricia Burke
Red Riding Hood (the Baron's Ward)Polly Ward
Simple Simon (one of the Lads of the Village)George Jackley
Baron Badlotte (of Merryvale Hall)W. S. Percy
Christabel (the Baroness)Madge Escolme
Rowland (the Baron's Baliff)Tom Prior
KingwolfArthur G. Rees
Jolly Jenkins (the Baron's Butler)Fred Yule
Fairy SilverleafAudrey Acland
The 7 Giants, the Horse, etc.The Romas
Joey the ClownClown Argo
PantaloonEddie Fields
PolicemanJack Lomas
Harlequin/Principal Dancer in the BalletWalter Gore
Columbine/Principal Dancer in the BalletPrudence Hyman
GrocerJoe Brooks
Butcher's BoyLeslie Brooks
N/AKennedy Russell and His Orchestra
N/AKirby's Flying Ballet
N/AThe 16 Joan Davis Ballet Dancers
N/AThe 16 John Tiller Girls
N/AThe 16 Little Sunbeams
N/AThe Covent Garden Pantomime Chorus and Ballet

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