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Pay The Piper

Laurier Lister's New Revue
Lyrics and Music: Michael Flanders and Donald Swann. Sketches: Nancy Hamilton.
Additional Songs: Nancy Hamilton and Morgan Lewis.


Opera House Manchester, 1954

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Opera House Manchester
First performance: Monday 6th December 1954
Devised and Staged by: Laurier Lister. Musical Numbers directed by: Alfred Rodrigues.
Orchestra under the direction of: Robert Probst

CharacterPlayed By
MultipleElisabeth Welch, Fenella Fielding, Tanya Duray, Hermione Harvey, Sally Steward, Pamela Hill, Yvonne Barnes, Rowena Gregory, Elsie and Dosi Waters, Ian Wallace, John Abineri, Spencer Teakle, Michael O'Connor, David Rees, Julian Orchard, Desmond Walter-Ellis, Matthew Winsten, David Rees, Leonora Walsh, April Olrich, Kenneth Smith, Maurice Metliss, Malcolm Hughes.

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