Theatreland Memorabilia

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Author: Gogol


Arts Theatre, 1948

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Arts Theatre
~October/November 1948
Double Bill with The Bear.
Translation: Constance Garnett. Producer/Director: Lucie Mannheim.
Settings: Fany Taylor. Great Newport Theatre Committee Limited.

CharacterPlayed By
Podkolyossin, a civil servantMarius Goring
Stepan, his servantRichard Gale
Fyokla, a match-makerLucie Mannheim
Kotchkaryov, Podkolyossin's friendStanley Van Beers
Agafya, a merchant's daughterJoyce Heron
Arina, her auntEileen Thorndike
Dunyasha, a small servant girlJoy Hodgkinson
Omelet, a senior clerk in a Government officePaul Demel
Anutchkin, an infantry officerGeoffrey Hibbert
Zhevakin, a retired naval officerCharle Lloyd Pack
Starikov, a shopkeeperStafford Byrne

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