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Love For Love

Author: William Congreve


Theatre Royal Haymarket, 1943

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Theatre Royal Haymarket
? - September 1943 - ?
Director: John Gielgud. Settings: Rex Whistler. Costumes: Jeanetta Cochrane.

CharacterPlayed By
Valentine, fallen under his father's displeasure by his expensive way of living. In love with AngelicaJohn Gielgud
Jeremy, servant to ValentineGeorge Howe
Scandal, Valentine's friend, a free speakerLeon Quatermaine
Tattle, a half-witted beau, vain of his amours, yet valuing himself for secrecyMax Adrian
Mrs. Frail, half-sister to Mrs. Foresight, a woman of the townYvonne Arnaud
Foresight, an illiterate old fellow, peevish and positive, superstitous, and pretending to understand Astrology, Palmistry, Physiogonomy, Omens, Dreams, etc., uncle to Angelica John Byron
Nurse to Miss PrueFrances Waring
Angelica, niece to Foresight, of a considerable fortune in her own handsRosalie Crutchley
Sir Sampson Legend, father to Valentine and BenCecil Trouncer
Mrs. Foresight, second wife of ForesightMarian Spencer
Miss Prue, daughter to Foresight by a former wife, a silly, awkward country girl Angela Baddeley
Ben, Sir Sampson's younger son, half home-bred and half sea-bred, designed to marry Miss Prue George Woodbridge
Buckram, a lawyerD. J. Williams
JennyIsabel Dean

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