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Lilac Time

Author: Franz Schubert


Lewisham Hippodrome, 1929

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Lewisham Hippodrome
Week commencing Monday 5th August 1929
Tour staged and controlled by Charles Cannon.
Special Orchestra under the direction of Jacques Heuvel.
Scenery: E. H. Ryan.

CharacterPlayed By
Mrs. Grimm (a Caretaker)Mina Greene
Mrs. Weber (a Lodger)Ella Scott
Rosi (Marini's Maid)Betty Miller
Novotny (a Detective)Edward D'Arcy
Ferdinand Binder (a Postmaster)Frederick Carlton
Andreas Braun (a Saddler)Cyril Whittle
Schani (a Page)Denis Thoroughgood
Wili, one of Mr. Veit's Three DaughtersMargot Careme
Tili, one of Mr. Veit's Three DaughtersGrace Trollope
Lili, one of Mr. Veit's Three DaughtersGerturde Wolfle
Johann Michael Vogl (an Opera Singer)Henry Millidge
Moritz von Schwind (a Painter)Walter Outhwaite
Kappel (a Draughtsman)John Kelly
Baron Franz Schober (a Poet)Thorpe Bates
Franz SchubertFrederick Blamey
Christian Veit (Court Glass Maker)Lionel Victor
Stingl (a Confectioner)Ernest Norris
Mrs. VeitMina Greene
Sally (Servant to Veit)Dorothy Graham
Signorina Fiammetta Marini (La Marinella), Prima Ballerina at the OperaEnid Lowe
Count Scharntorff (Danish Ambassador)Henry Millidge
ChildrenPupils of Miss Italia Conti

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