Theatreland Memorabilia

Did you know...

Latin Quarter of 1951

London Casino
Created and Produced by Robert Nesbitt.
Presented by Tom Arnold and Emile Litter
Musical numbers atged by Hzael Gee. Music arrangements by Debroy Somers. Decor Designers: Brian Buchel, Edward Delaney and Slade Lucas.
Costume Designers: Anthony Holland, Slade Lucas, Ronald Cobb and Vivienne


Mardi Gras
Words and Music: Jack Golden. "More Mamba" by Jack Fishman and Perez Prado
(a) Prologue: Peter Dimuantes.
(b) Carnival at the Casa Casino: The Revellers: The Ensemble. Mddle. Mambo: Jean Carson.
(c) Dark Brilliance: Viki Emra, Denise Merrum and Pamela Green.

Chi Bim Bam Bom
Lyrics: Glen Moore. Music: David Bee. Dialogue: Leslie Julian Jones
Nat Jackley and the Brazilian Butterflies.

Jet Propulsion
Dick and Dot Remy

We're All The Same In The Dark
Words and Music: Leslie Julian Jones.
Jean Carson and The Models.

Attention A La Peinture
The Artist: Monsieur Choppy
Compere: Jeffrey Piddock

Rolly Rolls introducing "Boogie Ballet" with the Dancing Girls and Boys

Une Affaire D'Honneur Scene: the Bois. Time: Dawn.
Mons. Le Directeur: Arthur Gomez.
The Duellists: Jeffrey Piddock and Nat Jackley.
Their Seconds: Peter Dimuantes and Eric Kilner.
The Doctor: Sammy Curtis.

fan Tableaux designed by John & Daphne Lee and Ronald Cobb.
The Rhytham of Spain: Jean Carson
The Caballeros: Tony Hulley, Ken Astell, Bobbie Tranter, Teddie Brittern.
Introducing Eileen O'Dare and Ensemble with Daphne Kiernander.


Au Bal Des Quat'z Arts - Paris 1860
Words and Music: Phil Park.
The Singer: Peter Dimuantes.
Les Masques: The Ensemble.
Les Operettes d'Offenbach: The Models

Fantaisie Apache
George Campo

The Charm Of Paris
Lyrics: Geoffrey Parsons. Music: Bruno Coquatrix and Berkeley Fase.
The Visitor: Jean Carson.
Her Beaux: Tony Hulley and Bobbie Tranter

Magic Strings
Bob Bromley

Nocturnes Parisiennes
Words and Music: Jack Golden. (b) Lyrics: Geoffrey Parsons, Music: Paul Misnaki.
Peter Dimuantes introducing The Night Spots of Parisiennes
(a) Chansons Tziganes (Casanova): Viki Emra and the Gipsy Violins.
(b) Bebop a la Francaise (St. Germain des pres). The Existentialists: Jean Carson, Nat Jackley and Les Bohemiens.
(c) Nuit de Gala (Les Ambassadeurs) presenting The Dancing Sensation Halama & Konarski

Les Legionnaires
The Bugler: Edward Wood
The Sergeant: Arthur Gomez
The Corporal: Jeffrey Piddock
The Recruits: Sammy Curtis, Dennis Murray and Nat Jackley

Calypso - "It's So Nice"
Lyrics: Leslie Julian Jones. Music: Leon Carr & Leo Conday
Jean Carson and The Entire "Latin Quarter" Company

Debroy Somers with his Continental Music and Latin American Rhythms