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Lady Precious Stream

Author: S. I. Hsiung


Savoy Theatre, ~1935

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Savoy Theatre
Circa 1935 (first European production)
Presented by Nancy Price. Produced by Nancy Price and S. I. Hsiung.

CharacterPlayed By
His Excellency Wang Yun, the Prime MinisterAndrew Leigh
Madam Wang, of the Chen Family, his WifeAmy Dalby
Su, the Dragon General, their Eldest Son-in-lawRonald Sidney
Wei, the Tiger General, their Second Son-in-lawFred O'Donovan
Golden Stream, their Eldest Daughter, Su's WifePrunella Page
Silver Stream, their Second Daughter, Wei's WifeVera Lennox
Precious Stream, their Third DaughterThea Holme
Her MaidHannah Jones
Hsieh Ping-Kuei, their GardenerClifford Bartlett
Old SuitorRonald Sidney
SuiterKester Baruch
SuiterJohn Lowell
SuiterRobert Syers
DriverWilliam Bell
Her Royal Highness, the Princess of the Western RegionsViola Tree
Ma Ta, her A.D.C.Basil Cunard
Kiang Hai, her A.D.C.Michael Osler
Her MaidBetty Anderson
Her MaidCandida John
Her MaidPhyllis Coulthard
Her MaidHannah Johns
MuRonald Sidney
WardenJack Twyman
ExecutionerEric Phillips
His Excellency the Minister of Foreign AffairsJack Twyman
Property ManAlan Harkness
Property ManBraddon Mitchell

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