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It cost 4d to buy the programme for the 1949 New Theatre version.

(The Tragedy Of) King Richard III/3rd

Author: William Shakespeare


New Theatre, 1949
London, 1989
Riverside Studios, 1992-1993

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New Theatre
? - 21st February 1949 - ?
The Old Vic Theatre Company. Producer: John Burrell.
Scenery: Morris Kestelman. Costumes: Doris Zinkeisen.
Music/Director of Music: Herbert Menges. Leader of Orchestra: Beatrice Carrelle.
Conductor: Harold Ingram.

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21-2-49 ed. programme cast
CharacterPlayed By
King Edward IV/John Morton, Bishop of Ely/
Captain Blount, friend to Richmond
Bernard Merefield
Queen Elizabeth, his wifeMercia Swinburne
George, Duke of Clarence, brother to the King/
Cardinal Bouchier, Archbishop of Canterbury
Peter Cushing
Richard, Duke of Gloster,
brother to the King, afterwards King Richard III
Laurence Olivier
Duchess of York, mother to the KingMeg Maxwell
Lord Hastings, friend to the KingTerence Morgan
Jane Shore, mistress to the KingGeorgina Jumel
Prince of Wales, son to the King by ElizabethAnne McGrath
Duke of York, son to the King by ElizabethPeggy Simpson
Lady Anne, daughter-in-law of Henry VI,
afterwards wife of Richard III
Vivien Leigh
Margaret of Anjou, widow of King Henry VIEileen Beldon
Duke of Buckingham, of Gloster's factionGeorge Relph
Sir William Catesby, of Gloster's factionRobert Beaumont
Sir Richard Ratcliffe, of Gloster's faction/Murderer, hired by GlosterOliver Hunter
Lord Lovel, of Gloster's factionDouglas Murchie
Lord Rivers, brother to Elizabeth,
of Queen's faction/Sir James Tyrrell
Derrick Penley
Marquis of Dorset, son to Elizabeth,
of Queen's faction/Earl of Oxford, friend to Richmond
Anthony Gavin
Lord Grey, son to Elizabeth,
of Queen's faction/A Messenger
Denis Lehrer
Lord Stanley, Earl of DerbyHugh Stewart
Lord Mayor of London/Murderer, hired by Gloster/
Sir William Brandon, friend to Richmond
Thomas Heathcote
Brackenbury, Lieutenant of the TowerGeorge Cooper
A Priest/Earl of Richmond, afterwards King Henry VIIDan Cunningham

Citizens, Monks, Attendants, Guards, Messengers, Soldiers, etc.: Helen Beck, Georgina Jumel, Anne McGrath, Peggy Simpson, Roger Braban, Robert Beaumont, George Cooper, Reginald Hearne, Thomas Heathcote, Oliver Hunter, Denis Lehrer, Douglas Murchie, Derrick Penley, Michael Reddington, Norman Welsh, Jimmy Gardner, Fred Hall, Hartnell Stone.

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In rep with Richard II
Director: Clifford Williams. Designer: Carl Toms.
Music: Marc Wilkinson. Lighting Designer: Mick Hughes.
Fight Director: Nicholas Hall.

May 1989 ed. programme cast
CharacterPlayed By
Richard, Duke of Gloucester, brother to King Edward IVDerek Jacobi
George, Duke of Clarence, brother to King Edward IVClive Arrindell
Sir Robert Brackenbury, Lieutenant of the TowerPatrick Marley
Lord Hastings, the Lord ChamberlainWilliam Maxwell
Lady Anne, widow of Prince Edward (son of King Henry VI)Carolyn Backhouse
A HalberdierIan Crowe
Queen Elizabeth, wife of King EdwardVivien Heilbron
Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers, her brotherMalcolm Mudie
Lord Grey, her son by a former marriageGwynn Beech
The Marquis of Dorset, her son by a former marriageMax Burrows
Henry, Duke of BuckinghamLeon Eagles
Lord Stanley, Earl of DerbyJeffrey Dench
Queen Margaret, widow of King HenryCarol Gillies
Sir William CatesbyNicholas Lumley
First MurdererRay Llewellyn
Second MurdererFrank Kovacs
King Edward IVDavid Rintoul
Sir Richard RatcliffeRichard Wilkes
The Duchess of York, mother of King Edward, Clarence & RichardRachel Gurney
Rotheram, Archbishop of YorkTom Durham
Richard, Duke of York, younger son of King EdwardJames Robinson or Andrew Creffield
A MessengerIan Crowe
Edward, Prince of Wales, elder son of King EdwardCorrin Helliwell
Bourchier, Archbishop of CanterburyMichael David
Morton, Bishop of ElyMiles Richardson
Lord Mayor of LondonGraham Rowe
Jane ShoreJan Dunn
Sir James TyrrelTom Durham
The Duke of NorfolkMichael David
Henry, Earl of RichmondDavid Rintoul
The Earl of OxfordFrank Kovacs
Sir James BluntMiles Richardson
Sir Walter HerbertGraham Rowe

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Riverside Studios
8th December 1992 - 9th January 1993
Northern Broadsides production from the Hull 1992 Festival
Director: Rutter

CharacterPlayed By

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