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King Lear

Author: William Shakespeare


Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, 1953
Royal Court Theatre, 1993

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Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
Produced by: George Devine. Scenery and Costume Designer: RObert Colquhoun.
Music Composer: John Gardner. Lighting: Peter Streuli. Fight Arranger: Michael Warre
Theatre Orchestra under direction of Harold Ingham. Leader: Charles Bye

CharacterPlayed By
The Earl of KentHarry Andrews
The Earl of GloucesterNoel Howlett
Edmund, his bastard sonRobert Shaw
Lear, King of BritainMichael Redgrave
Goneril, eldest daughter to LearJoan Sanderson
The Duke of Albany, her husbandMichael Warre
Regan, second daughter to LearRachel Kempson
The Duke of Cornwall, her husbandPowys Thomas
Cordelia, youngest daughter to LearYvonne Mitchell
The Duke of Burgundy, suitor to CordeliaDavid King
The King of France, suitor to CordeliaMichael Hayes
Edgar, son to GloucesterBasil Hoskins
Oswald, steward to GonerilDonald Pleasence
Knight, attending on LearBernard Kay
Knight, attending on LearPhilip Morant
FoolMarius Goring
CuranWilliam Peacock
Servant to CornwallMervyn Blake
Servant to CornwallJames Wellman
Servant to CornwallPeter Duguid
An Old Man, tenant to GloucesterDonald Eccles
A DoctorMichael Turner
An Officer in Cordelia's armyJohn Glendenning
A Gentleman, attending on CordeliaPeter Johnson
A Captain in Edmund's armyAlan Townsend
A HeraldJerome Willis
An Officer in Albany's armyGeorge Hart
An Officier in Edmund's armyCharles Gray
Knights, Attendants and SoldiersDennis Clinton, James Culliford, Nigel Davenport, Denys Graham, Charles Howard, Gareth Jones, Cavan Malone, Richard Martin, John ROberts, Raymond Sherry

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Royal Court Theatre
First performance: 14th January 1993
Director: Max Stafford Clark. Designer: Peter Hartwell. Lighting: Rick Fisher

CharacterPlayed By
King LearTom Wilkinson
UnknownAdrian Dunabr
UnknownIain Glen
UnknownPeter-Hugo Daly
UnknownPhilip Jackson
UnknownFraser James
UnknownCara Kelly
UnknownNigel Lindsay
UnknownSaskia Reeves
UnknownHugh Ross
UnknownAndy Serkis
UnknownJason Watkins
UnknownRupert Wickham
UnknownLia Williams

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