Theatreland Memorabilia

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Author: John Galsworthy


St. Martin's Theatre, 1968

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St. Martin's Theatre
Director: Anthony Sharp. Designer: Anthony Holland.
Lighting: John B. Read.

Vol.3 No.2 edition programme cast
CharacterPlayed By
In the Solicitors' Office
Robert Cokeson, the managing clerkEric Portman
Sweedle, the office boyRichard Everett
Ruth HoneywillBarbara Murray
William Falder, the junior clerkRichard Briers
Walter How, the junior partnerJohn Forrest
James How, the senior partnerGeoffrey Lumsden
Cowley, the cashierWeyman Mackay
Wister, the detectiveGodfrey Jackman
At the Assize Court
Harold Cleaver, K.C., for the CrownEdward Waddy
Hector Frome, for the DefenceAnthony Ainley
Mr. Justice FloydJack Niles
The UsherGeoffrey King
The PolicemanGavin Hamilton
Cleaver's JuniorTimothy Welsh
Defence SolicitorJohn Marquand
Crown SolicitorEdmund Warwick
ReportersDavid Aldridge and Anthony Rowlands
In the Prison
Capt. Danson, V.C., the governorPeter Gray
Wooder, the chief warderBernard Shine
Rev. Hugh Miller, the chaplainPeter Forbes-Robertson
Edward Clements, the doctorRonald Mansell
MoaneyPhilip Lennard
CliptonJack Niles
O'ClearyMaurice Blake

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