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Jack And The Beanstalk

S. H. Newsome's Third and Greatest Northampton Pantomime.
Writer and Producer: Alan Crooks. Dances by Marjorie Whiteley.


New Theatre, Northampton First performance: Tuesday 23rd December (unknown year - likely 1941, 1947 or 1952 when day/date match)
Ran for a season.

CharacterPlayed By
TitaniaLinda Bacon
DiscordLawrence Archer
ChancellorRaymond Barry
GillieFaye Jenner
Spiv & NarkitMotler & Hall
King SeptimusCedric Miller
Dame DurdenMickie Renton
Princess GloriaGay Roslyn
Jack DurdenBeryl Stevens
Daisy the CowEddie Fields and Johnny Cavanagh
Simple SimonAlec Pleon
Giant BlunderboreEddie Fields
Continental Adagio DancersThe Gripp Quartette
Giants on the MarchThe Five Romas
UnknownFlorence Whiteley's Military Tattoo with the Zio Angels
UnknownThe Grace Wootton Babes