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Henry VI: The Battle For The Throne

Author: William Shakespeare


Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) 1994-1995 Tour
10th - 12th November 1994, Penrith: Ullswater Community College
15th - 19th November 1994, Belfast: The Whitla Hall
30th November - 3rd December 1994, Haywards Heath: Dolphin Leisure Centre
6th - 10th December 1994, Northallerton: Hambleton Leisure Centre
13th - 17th December 1994, Barrhead: Barrhead Sports Centre
3rd - 7th January 1995, Braintree: Braintree Leisure Centre
10th - 14th January 1995, Biggleswade: Biggleswade Recreation Centre
17th - 21st January 1995, Telford: Wrekin College
24th - 28th January 1995, Liskeard: Lux Park Leisure Centre
31st January - 4th February 1995, Tiverton: Tiverton School
Then Japan, The Philippines, The Netherlands, South America, Germany and Austria.

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