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Hans, The Witch And The Goblin

Author: Alan Cullen


Civic Theatre Chesterfield, unknown year

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Civic Theatre, Chesterfield
15th - 18th March unknown year
The Teachers' Dramatic Society production. Producer: W. R. McLeish.
Settings Designer: Mr. A. Saunders, Principal of the Chesterfield College of Art.

CharacterPlayed By
Gob, a gobbinK. E. Wilkinson
Hans, a studentG. J. Woodward
Alicia, a princessT. Fidler
Castor, a physicianP. S. Ramsdale
Senna, a physicianG. J. E. Yapp
Rufus, a kingC. T. Goddard
Scratch, a secretaryG. A. Windle
Daisy, a witchV. Barwell
Mrs. Crabtree, a dowserJ. A. Eyre
Sylvester, a swineherdK. Woodward
Hank, a pigJ. Adams
Hunk, another pigJ. Turner
Queen of the ForestS. I. Eyre

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