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From A Jack To A King

Author: Bob Carlton


Boulevard Theatre, 1992

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Boulevard Theatre
First full-price preview: 3rd February 1992
West Stage and Rhythm Method Productions.
Director: Matthew Devitt. Musical Direction: Matthew Devitt and Kate Edgar.
Assistant Musical Director: Jeremy Harrison. Designer: Norman Coates.
Lighting: Paul Armstrong. Sound Design: Bobby Aitken for Autograph.
Assistant Director: Carole Todd. Directorial Consultant: Bob Carlton.

CharacterPlayed By
Terry King, Star, Leader of the CoronetsRobert Dallas
Laura Ross, His Devoted GirlfriendAnnie Miles
Duke Box, His Weird ManagerChristian Roberts
Eric Glamis, Would-be Coronet, later Thane CawdorMatthew Devitt
Queenie, Exotic Jewel in the Coronet CrownAllison Harding
Len Knox, Roadie to the Coronets, Keeper of The Transit Keys, ThinkerJohn Ashby
Roskoe Scrim, gossip, scribe and bragRichard Doubleday
Still Withers, Coronet, Rarely Seen in DaylightJeremy Harrison
Evilynne Gore, Coronet, Vamp, Ghoul-about-TownBrierley Arnell

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