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Follow The Sun

Revue by Charles B. Cochran


Adelphi Theatre, 1936

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Adelphi Theatre
Dialogue: Ronald Jeans and John Hastings Turner. Lyrics: Howard Dietz and Desmond Carter.
Music: Arthur Schwartz. Scenery Designer: Ernst Stern.
Costumes Designers: Ernst Stern and Ada Peacock.

8th June 1936 programme cast
CharacterPlayed By
Part I.
Scene 1. (A) The Dressing Rooms
A PrincipalMadeline Gibson
Her DresserGay Davis
Mr. Cochran's Young LadiesPat Adams, Peggy Bartrop, Gola Betti, Eileen Carroll, Sarah Churchill, Ann Clare, Zena Dell, Toni Dexter, Valerie Fraser, Sabina Gordon, Sheila Huntley, Felicity Lawford, Margarita Masters, Desiree Moore, Maria Nashe, Jenny Nicholson, Sylvia Perman, Doreen Percheron, Valerie Stanton, Sylvia Taperell, Renee Veronica, Peggy Watson, Ann Wheatley, Sheila Wilson
The ContortionistEve
The Ballet DancerEileen O'Connor
The ComedianKenneth Ware
ActressesIris March, Lisa D'Esterre, Joyce Hodgkiss
The Call BoyRobert Rudd
The JuvenileAlan Shires
(B) Follow The Sun. Lyrics: Desmond Carter
N/AMadeline Gibson and Alan Shires, Iris March, Eve, Eileen O'Connor, Philip Morgan, Jean Davaut
Mr. Cochran's Young LadiesAs above
Scene 2. Reel Life. Ronald Jeans
The CommèreElisabeth Corcoran
Sir Roscoe Candlebury, On the ScreenLance Lister
Lady Candlebury, On the ScreenMargaret Chatwin
Barnet (their Butler), On the ScreenKenneth Ware
Det.-Inspector Snagg, On the ScreenGerald Nodin
A Chauffeur, On the ScreenStanley Haig-Brown
1st Policeman, On the ScreenJean Davaut
2nd Policeman, On the ScreenW. Lawson-McLaren
A Doctor, On the ScreenPhilip Morgan
Sir Roscoe Candlebury, In Real LifeRalph Roberts
Lasy Candlebury, In Real LifeBetty Shale
Scene 3. The Two Soulys
None listedNone listed
Scene 4. The Coming Year At Olympia. Ronald Jeans
The DemonstratorVic Oliver
A TypistGwen Radcliffe
The Mayfair FlatElisabeth Corcoran
An Ordinary ManKenneth Ware
The Pedestrian of 1945Peter Gyll
Scene 5. The Three Holy Kings
Music: Hannes Ruch. Words adapted from Heine's Poem by Demond Carter
The SingerIrene Eisinger
Her AttendantsOlive Ackroyd, Maisie Baxter, Edna Brough, Lisa D'Esterre, Peggy Hale, Evelyn Rouse.
The Three KingsLance Fairfax, Morton Flavelle, Alexander Franks
The AngelsVivien Lambelet, June Spencer-Dyke
Scene 6. The Lady With The Tap
Lyric: Howard Dietz. Idea conceived by Vincente Minnelli
An OfficerGerald Nodin
His MenDonald Carson, Frank Coss, Morton FLavelle, Alexander Franks, Aubrey Rouse, Markby Ryan, Barry Sherwood, Paul Stanton
The SolidersMr. Cochran's Young Ladies
The Lady With The TapClaire Luce
Scene 7. Broadcasting. Ronald Jeans
The English SingerBetty Shale
B.B.C. AnnouncerRalph Roberts
The American SingerMadeline Gibson
U.S.A. AnnouncerVic Oliver
Scene 8. Love Is A Dancing Thing. Lyric: Howard Dietz
N/AIrene Eisinger
Mr. Cochran's Young LadiesAs above
Solo DancerEileen O'Connor
Scene 9. The Younger De-Generation. Ronald Jeans
(A) A Psycho-AnalystRalph Roberts
(A) The ChildSadie Corre
(A) The MotherElizabeth Corcoran
(B) PenelopeClaire Luce
(B) GeorgeWallace Douglas
(B) Crump (their Butler)Gerald Nodin
(B) The FootmanVic Oliver
(B) Monica SitzwellJune Spencer-Dyke
(B) Lionel Sapp Lance Lister
(B) Jane WiffinIris March
(B) Jimmy WiffinPhilip Morgan
Scene 10. "Cuba"
(A) Ciro Rimac's "Rumbaland Muchachos"
1. Maxixe-CariocaCiro Rimac and Carito
2. Hot Mam InezCharley Boy
3. La RumbaCarito and Charley Boy
4. Jazz ImitationThe Rimacs
(B) Song - "Nicotina". Lyric: Desmond Carter
N/ALance Fairfax
Dances byClaire Luce and Phillip Morgan, Diaz Ofelia and Correa Pimento
Mr. Cochran's Young LadiesAs above
Full CompanyN/A
Part II.
Scene 11. Polonaise
Mr. Cochran's Young LadiesAs above
Scene 12. Aloysia John Hastings Turner
A LadyGwen Radcliffe
Her PartnerGerald Nodin
Another LadyJune Spencer-Dyke
Her PartnerPhilip Morgan
A Major-DomoKenneth Ware
1st FlunkeyStanley Haig-Brown
2nd FlunkeyMarkby Ryan
The Princess of OrangeElisabeth Corcoran
MozartWallace Douglas
Aloysia WeberIrene Eisinger
GuestsOlga Ackroyd, Pat Adams, Peggy Bartrop, Sarah Churchill, Lisa D'Esterre, Toni Dexter, Felicity Lawford, Gwen Radcliffe, George Bowler, Donald Carson, Fraser Coss, Jean Davaut, Pat Day, Morton Flavelle, Alexander Franks, W. Lawson-McLaren, Aubrey Rouse, Barry Sherwood, Paul Stanton
Song - La Finite Semplice - MozartIrene Eisinger
Scene 13. Cruising; or, "English As She Is Spoke" Ronald Jeans
A SailorStanley Haig-Brown
A Deck StewardLance Lister
A Lancashire ManGerald Nodin
His WifeBetty Shale
A ScotsmanKenneth Ware
An American GirlClaire Luce
Song - "How High Can a Little Bird Fly?" - Lyric: Howard DietzClaire Luce and Mr. Cochran's Young Ladies
Speciality DanceAlan Shires
Scene 14. An Englishman's Home John Hastings Turner
Dick WarnerVic Oliver
Lilian WellsIris March
Mr. WellsRalph Roberts
Mrs. WellsBetty Shale
Charlie WellsAlbert Kingston
Harold WellsJean Davaut
Betty WellsZena Dell
GrannieMargaret Chatwin
Scene 15. Economy
N/AVic Oliver and Iris March
Scene 16. The Steam Boat Whistle Lyric: Howard Dietz
A Quayside RagamuffinJeni Le Gon
StevedoresDonald Carson, Frank Coss, Morton Flavelle, Alexander Franks, Aubrey Rouse, Markby Ryan, Barry Sherwood, Paul Stanton
Their WomenfolkOlga Ackroyd, Maisie Baxter, Edna Brough, Lisa D'Esterre, Peggy Hale, Vivien Lambelet, Evelyn Rouse, June Spencer-Dyke
Steamboat PassengersElisabeth Corcoran, Gay Davis, Madeline Gibson, Iris March, Betty Shale, George Bowler, Jean Davaut, Pat Day, Stanley Haig-Brown, Robert Linden, Philip Morgan, W. Lawson-McLaren, Gerald Nodin, Kenneth Ware
A Lady of the TownGwen Radcliffe
Two CoonsThe Two Soulys
The BandThe Rimacs
More PassengersMr. Cochran's Young Ladies
Two ChildrenBeryl Fraser, Albert Kingston
Two UrchinsSadie Corre, Barbara Jelly
Chorus - "Loadin' Time - Lyric: Howard DietzNone listed
Song and Dance - "The Steam Boat Whistle - Lyric: Howard DietzNone listed
Dances byJeni Le Gon, The Two Soulys
Scene 17. "Influence"
N/AVic Oliver and Iris March
Scene 18. Kleine Acrobat Lyric: Howard Dietz
The AcrobatGerald Nodin
His PartnerIrene Eisinger
Scene 19. The First Shoot
A Ballet by Osbert Sitwell. Music: William Walton. Choreography: Frederick Ashton. Scene and Dresses Designer: Cecil Beaton
Lady de Fontenoy (formerly Connie Winsome of the Gaiety, or Daly's)Claire Luce
Lord Charles CanterburyPhillip Morgan
The PheasantsSarah Churchill, Ann Clare, Valerie Fraser, Desiree Moore, Marie Nashe, Jenny Nicholson
The LadiesGola Betti, Eileen Carroll, Zena Dell, Sabina Gordon, Doreen Percheron, Sylvia Taperell, Peggy Watson, Sheila Wilson
The GentlemenGeorge Bowler, Pat Day, Stanley Haig-Brown, W. Lawson McLaren, Philip Morgan, Gerald Nodin, Aubrey Rouse, Barry Sherwood
The FootmenAlexander Franks, Markby Ryan
Scene 20. A Brand New Suit Lyric: Howard Dietz
N/AJeni Le Gon
Scene 21. The Voice That Is Still Ronald Jeans
The DoctorKenneth Ware
The FatherLance Lister
The DaughterIris March
The SonWallace Douglas
FotheringayRalph Roberts
The MotherBetty Shale
Scene 22. Dangerous You Lyric: Desmond Carter
The SingerLance Fairfax
The GirlClaire Luce
The PoetPhillip Morgan
The Man About TownPercy Robert
The ToughStanley Haig-Brown
The SoldierW. Lawson McLaren
Scene 23. Vic Oliver
Scene 24. Sleigh Bells Lyric: Howard Dietz
(A) Hyde Park (1936)None listed
(B) Exterior of an Ale-house (1845)None listed
(C) FinaleThe Full Company

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