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Edward III/3rd

Author: William Shakespeare


Gielgud Theatre, 2002-3, RSC

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Swan Theatre
First performance: 10th April 2002
Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)

Transferred to Gielgud Theatre
First performance: 17th December 2002 (in repertoire)
Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)
Director: Anthony Clark. Designer: Patrick Connellan. Lighting Designer: Wayne Dowdeswell.
Music: Conor Linehan. Movement: Ian Spink. Fights: Terry King. Sound Designer: Martin Slavin.

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CharacterPlayed By
King Edward IIIDavid Rintoul
Earl of DerbyVincent Brimble
Edward, Prince of WalesJamie Glover
Lord Audley/Poor FrenchmanColin McCormack
Earl Of WarwickJoshua Richards
Robert of Artois, a French lord/
French Citizen
Sean Hannaway
Duke of Lorraine, ambassador from France/
First Frenchman/Citizen of Calais
Paul Bhattacharjee
Sir William Montague/Mariner/
French Captain/Citizen of Calais
Keith Orborn
Countess of SailsburyCaroline Faber
King David of Scotland/Duke of MontfortAntony Byrne
Sir William Douglas/Captain from Moscow/
French Citizen/Villiers, a French lord/
John Copland, an English squire
Paul Bentall
Messenger/Gobin de Grace/
Ben Hicks
Second Messenger/Charles,
Duke of Normandy, the Dauphin
James Tucker
Lodowick, King Edward's secretaryWaynce Carter
King John of FranceMichael Thomas
Philip, King John's younger sonAvin Shah
King of Bohemia/Earl of SalisburyDavid Acton
Frenchwoman/Queen PhilippaSian Howard
Violin/violaAndrew Laing
CelloAndrea Hess
ClarinetsVictor Slaymark
TrumpetRoderick Tearle
PercussionTony McVey
Keyboard/harpMichael Tubbs

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