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Eatward Ho!

Authors: Ben Jonson, John Marston and George Chapman


Gielgud Theatre, 2002-3, RSC

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Swan Theatre
First performance: 17th April 2002
Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)

Transferred to Gielgud Theatre
First performance: 20th December 2002 (in repertoire)
Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)
Director: Lucy Pitman-Wallace. Designer: Robert Jones. Lighting Designer: Wayne Dowdeswell.
Music: Mick Sands. Movement: Sue Lefton. Fights: Terry King. Sound Designer: Martin Slavin.

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CharacterPlayed By
William Touchstone, a goldsmithGoeffrey Freshwater
Mistress Touchstone, his wifeClaire Benedict
Gertrude, their daughterAmanda Drew
Mildred, their daughterShelley Conn
Golding, Touchstone's apprenticeJames Tucker
Francis Quicksilver, Touchstone's apprentice
Sindefy, Quicksilver's mistressSasha Behar
Sir Petronel Flash, a new-made knightMichael Matus
His Page/Slitgut, a butcher's apprentice/
Hamlet, a footman
Avin Shah
Security, an old moneylenderPaul Bentall
Winifred, his wifeSian Howard
Bramble, a lawyerColin McCormack
Seagull, a sea captain/Mistress Fond, citizen's wifeDavid Acton
Scapethift, adventurer bound for Virginia/
Potkin, a waiter/Gentleman
Vincent Brimble
Spendall, adventurer bound for Virginia/
Holdfast, officer of the Counter/Mistress Gazer, citizen's wife
Keith Osborn
Wolf, officer of the Counter/Poldavy, a tailor/
Joshua Richards
Scrivener/DrawerWayne Cater
Gentleman/ConstableSean Hannaway
Flute/cittern/voiceMick Sands
Violin/viola da gamba/voiceSianed Jones