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Cyrano de Bergerac

By Edmond Rostand


New Theatre, 1946-7
Barbican Theatre, 1963, RSC
Theatre Royal Haymarket, 1992

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New Theatre
Translation: Brian Hooker. Production: Tyrone Guthrie.
The Old Vic Theatre Company

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Cast as at 27th January 1947 programme
CharacterPlayed By
Cyrano de BergeracRalph Richardson
Christian de NeuvilletteMichael Warre
Comte de Guiche (Nephew of the Cardinal Richelieu)Alec Guinness
Ragueneau (a Pastrycook)Nichols Hannen
Le BretCecil Winter
Carbon de Castel-JalouxHarry Andrews
Ligniere (a Drunken Poet)George Relph
Vicomte de Valvert/A Spanish OfficerPeter Copley
Nobleman/Cadet of GascoyneJohn Arnold
NoblemanReginal Hearne
Nobleman/Cadet of GascoyneJordan Lawrence
Nobleman/Cadet of GascoyneJames Lytton
NoblemanEwan Roberts
Montfleury (an Actor)/Cadet of GascoyneGeorge Rose
Bellerose (Stage Manager)/A CapuchinKenneth Edwards
Jodelet (Comedian)Frank Duncan
An Actress/Sister MartheSandra Jennings
Another Actress/CitizenMarriott Longman
An Actor/PoetMichael Turner
A Busybody/Cadet of GascoyneJohn Garley
Soldier/Cadet of GascoyneJohn Biggerstaff
Soldier/Cadet of GascoyneOscar Quitak
Porter/Pastrycook/A PiperWalter Outhwaite
A Citizen/PoetMichael Raghan
His Son/PoetTimothy Holme
Cutpurse/PoetPatrick Jordan
Cutpurse/PastrycookMaurice Norman
Cutpurse/PoetPeter Varley
Page/A ChildFred Marshall
Page/PastrycookAlan Stebbings
Page/PastrycookHerman Martyn
Lackey/PoetPietro Nolte
LackeyJohn Stock
CitizenGeorge Clifton
Citizen/Cadet of GascoyneDenis McCarthy
CitizenGilbert Robinson
CitizenAlan Sleath
CitizenJack Taylor
Cadet of GascoyneFrank Duncan
Cadet of GascoyneAubrey Richards
A MusketeerErich Pohlmann
RoxaneMargaret Leighton
Her Duenna/Mother SuperiorJanet Joye
Noblewoman/NunMarjorie Dunkels
Nobelwoman/NunNorma Shebbeare
NoblewomanBarbara Trent
Orange GirlJoyce Redman
Lise (Ragueneau's Wife)/NunCharlotte Bidmead
CitizenBeatrice Evans
CitizenNettie Price
CitizenLillian Sinclair

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Barbican Theatre
First performance: 21st July 1983.
RSC production. Translation: Anthony Burgess.
Director: Terry Hands. Designer: Ralph Koltai.
Costumes: Alexander Reid. Music: Nigel Hess.
Lighting: Terry Hands with Clive Morris. Fights Arranger: Ian McKay.
Cyrano's nose: Christopher Tucker.

John Bowe
CharacterPlayed By
The DoorkeeperJimmy Gardner
A Cavalryman
Understudy De Guiche
Richard Clifford
Understudy Le Bret/Valvert
Robert Clare
Two FlunkeysPhilip Dennis
Two Flunkeys
Understudy D'Artagnan/Jodelet/Bellerose
Brian Parr
A MusketeerGeoffrey Freshwater
A Flower Girl
Understudy Duenna
Lesley Sharp
An Eater
Understudy Cavalier/Musketeer
Niall Padden
A DrinkerPhillip Walsh
A Citizen
Understudy Castel Jaloux/Montfleury
Simon Clark
His SonPaul Russell
Two PagesWilliam Adams
Two PagesRupert Baderman
Two PagesJohn Holmes
Two PagesClaire Smith
A Pickpocket
Understudy Citizen
Ray Llewellyn
Two MarquisesJeffrey Dench
Two MarquisesDavid Glover
CuigyDennis Clinton
BrisailleRaymond Bowers
Ligniere the PoetGeorge Parsons
Baron Christian de Neuvillette, a NormanFloyd Bevan
A Food SellerCathy Finlay
Ragueneau, a pastry cookPete Postlethwaite
Le Bret
Roxane, Cyrano's cousinAlice Krige
Her Duenna
Understudy Mother Marguérite
Jennie Goossens
Le Comte de GuicheJohn Carlisle
Le Vicomte de ValvertChristopher Bowen
Montfleury, a tragic actor
Understudy Rageuneau/Capuchin
Michael Fitzgerald
Cyrano de Bergerac, a GasconDerek Jacobi
Bellerose, leader of the acting company
Understudy Doorkeeper/Renaudot
David Shaw-Parker
Jodelet, the comedian
Understudy Christian
Tom Mannion
PrécieusesPenelope Beaumont
Understudy Sister Marthe/Sister Claire/Lise
Alexandra Brook
Understudy Roxane
Clare Byam Shaw
Lise, Ragyeneau's WifePenelope Beaumont
Carbon de Castel Jaloux, Captain of the Gascony Cadets
Understudy Cyrano de Bergerac
Ken Bones
The Gascony CadetsNiall Padden, Tom Mannion, Christopher Bowen, Richard Clifford, Brian Parr, David Shaw-Parker, Robert Clare, Philip Dennis
Théophraste Renaudot, a journalist
Understudy Ligniere/Pickpocket
Philip Walsh
A CapuchinJimmy Gardner
Mother MarguéritePenelope Beaumont
Sister MartheCathy Finlay
Sister ClaireLesley Sharp
Flute/RecorderChristopher Lacey
OboeCaroline Marwood
ClarinetVictor Slaymark
BassoonPeter Whittaker
TrumpetRoderick Tearle
TrumpetColin Rae
HornBrian Newman
HornDuncan Hollowood
TromboneDavid Hissey
CelloJulia Vohralik
Double BassPeter Chapman
GuitarBen Grove
PercussionPeter Washtell
PercussionTony McVey

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Theatre Royal Haymarket
Version by John Wells. Director: Elijah Moshinsky. Presented by Duncan C. Weldon.
Designer: Michael Yeargan. Lighting: David Hersey. Fights: William Hobbs.
Dances: Eleanor Fazan. Music: Jason Carr. Sound: Paul Arditti

CharacterPlayed By
CyranoRobert Lindsay
UnknownJulian Glover
UnknownRichard O'Callaghan
UnknownStella Gonet
UnknownGavin Abbott
UnknownBob Barritt
UnknownGary Cady
UnknownNicholas Caunter
UnknownRebecca Charles
UnknownDominic Curtis
UnknownCharles Dale
UnknownLouise Delamere
UnknownAlexis Denisof
UnknownCheryl Ferguson
UnknownDilys Hamlett
UnknownRob Jarvis
UnknownChristopher Kent
UnknownLeon Lissek
UnknownGuy Masterson
UnknownDavid Shaw Parker
UnknownJames Staddon
UnknownLeon Tanner

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