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Did you know...
From Monday 12th August 1940 for four weeks, all receipts from the show were given to Lord Beaverbrook for the purchase of "Spitfires"

Black Velvet

George Black's Intimate Rag


London Hippodrome, 1940

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London Hippodrome
Producer: Robert Nesbitt. Music: Harry Parr-Davies.
Decor: Joseph Carl. Costumes created and executed by: Alec Shanks.
Sketches by: George Black, Mary Dunn, Pamela Frankau and Douglas Furber.
Debroy Somers and his Orchestra.

Circa August 1940 programme cast
CharacterPlayed By
The DancersMarjorie, Sheila, Renee, Eileen, Ann, Lola, Molly, Edna, Ruth, Daphne, Mary, Beryl, Roma, Bubbly, Moina, Judy
The ModelsVirginia, Dawn, Rosaline, Doris, Eileen, Madge, Eileen, Toni
The StarletsCarole Lynne, Roma Beaumont, Iris Lockwwod, Wendy Toye
untitled/The Red FoxGabrielle Brune
untitled/The MinisterVic Oliver
Darker Harmony/untitledNesbitt Brothers - Max and Harry Nesbitt
The Little Old LadyVivien Grenville
The Husband/Gus Elen/Johnson/ErnieCyril Smith
The TurkTeddy Brown
The DelightFrances Marsden
A.... H.....Jack Morrison
The Minister's Secretary/FootmanJohn Palmer
Typist/The SingerKenneth Birrell
The Silver Fox/DorisCarole Lynne
The Beige FoxEileen Moore
The White Fox/MidnightNorma Dawn
The Sugar DaddiesArnold Rooke, Terence Conlin, Cyril Smith, Kenneth Birell
The SingerLeigh Stafford
The Lady of the Morning/Miss Vesta Victoria/Love-in-the-Mist/GladysRoma Beaumont
The Lady of the Evening/MoonlightWendy Toye
Achtung! Achtung! All Fall DownJack and John Bredwin
The Sisters VernonCarole Lynne, Roma Milne
A Pair of RevellersBeatrice Boarer, Teddy Brown
Miss Vesta TilleyGabrielle Brune
La MatticheWendy Toye, Leigh Stafford, Alice Lloyd
La CongaleroLeigh Stafford and The Conga Dancers
The ColonelTerence Conlin
The Colonel's Lady/Breeding Will TellIris Lockwood
The SylphidesBeryl, Marjorie, Judy, Lola
The ModernsBubbly, Daphne, Molly, Roma, Edna, Renee
The SequinsRuth, Eileen, Moina, Ann, Sheila, Mary
Lady MarneBeatrice Boarer

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