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Ballet Rambert

Home base was the Mercury Theatre at 2 Ladbroke Road, Notting Hill Gate.


Mercury Theatre, 1939
Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 1943
Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 1944

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Dances from "Lac Des Cygnes", Lady Into Fox, Bar Aux Folies-Bergere
Mercury Theatre
First performance: Monday 6th November 1939
Presented by Marie Rambert. At the Piano: Angus Morrison.

Dances from "Lace Des Cygnes"
Choreography: Petipa. Music: Tschaikowsky
CharacterPlayed By
The Swan PrincessNina Golovina
The PrinceFrank Staff
His Friend/Pas de TroisCharles Boyd
Swan/CygnetMary Hatton
Swan/CygnetOlivia Sarel
Swan/CygnetMiss Morfield
SwanMiss McClelland
SwanMiss Young
Swan/CygnetMiss Wade
SwanMiss Fletcher
Pas de TroisSally Gilmour
Pas de TroisJoan McClelland
Lady Into Fox - Ballet in Three Scenes
After the novel by David Garnett. Choreography: Andree Howard
Costumes and Decor: Nadia Benois. Music: Arthur Honegger
CharacterPlayed By
Mr. TebrickCharles Boyd
Silvia, his WifeSally Gilmour
Mrs. Cook, her NurseSusette Morfield
HuntsmanFrank Staff
GuestOlivia Sarel
GuestJoan McClelland
GuestMary Hatton
GuestRosemary Young
GuestJohn Andrews
Bar Aux Folies-Bergere
Ballet: Ninette de Valois. Music: Chabrier
Costumes and Setting: William Chappell
CharacterPlayed By
La Goulue, Etoile du Can-Can Nina Golovina
La Fille au BarSally Gilmour
Grille d'Egout, Can-CanJoan McClelland
Hirondelle, Can-CanOlivia Sarel
Nini Patte en l'air, Can-CanRosemary Young
La Mome Fromage, Can-CanMary Hatton
Valentin, GarconWalter Gore
Adolphe, Habitues du BarJohn Andrewes
Gustave, Habitues du BarCharles Boyd
Le Vieux MarcheurFrank Staff
ServanteSusette Morfield

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Birmingham Repertory Theatre
First performance: 13th July 1943 (three week season)
Direct from the Mercury Theatre, London. Direction: Marie Rambert

Cast: Elizabeth Schooling, Sally Gilmour, Sara Luzita, Sylvia Haydn, Anna Ashley, Iris Loraine, Robert Harrold, Michael Bayston and Full Company.
Pianists: Mary Peppin and Margot Glover. Solo Violin: Margot Macgibbons.

First Week
Tuesday 13th July and Wednesday (Mat & Eve)Foyer de Danse, Flamenco (1st time in Birmingham), Death and the Maiden, Lady Into Fox, Gala Performance
Thursday (Mat & Eve) and FridayLes Sylphides, Flamenco, Peter and the Wolf, Bar Aux Folies-Bergere
Saturday (Mat & Eve)Peter and the Wolf, Death and the Maiden, Mermaid, Czernyana
Second Week
Tuesday 20th JulyCapriol Suite, Flamenco, Jardin aux Lilas, Carnival of Animals (first time in Birmingham), Czernyana
Wednesday (Mat & Eve)Capriol Suite, Flamenco, Jardin aux Lilas, Carnival of Animals, Czernyana
Thursday (Mat & Eve)Czernyana, Jardin aux Lilas, Carnival of Animals, Flamenco, Facade
FridayCzernyana, Jardin aux Lilas, Carnival of Animals, Flamenco, Facade
Saturday (Mat & Eve)Les Sylphides, Flamenco, Lady into Fox, Gala Performance.
Third Week
Tuesday and Wednesday (Mat & Eve)Foyer De Dancse, Bar Aux Folies-Bergere, Dark Elegies, Capriol Suite
Thursday (Mat & Eve) and FridayBar Aux Folies-Bergere, Dark Elegies, Les Sylphides, Tartans
Saturday (Mat & Eve)Carnival of Animals, Facade, Death and the Maiden, Les Sylphides, Mermaid

Full cast details for Thursday 22nd July (Mat & Eve) and Friday 23rd July:
Choreography: Frank Staff. Music: Czerny. Decor: Eve Swinstead Smith.
Fugue: Ensemble
Sucre: Olivia Sarel, Joan McClelland, Marguerite Stewart, Stanley Newby.
Pas de deux: Elizabeth Schooling, Michael Bayston.
Ebats: Olivia Sarel, Joan McClelland, Marguerite Stewart, Jean Stokes.
M'as-tu vue: Sally Gilmour.
Variation-Partage: Robert Harrold, Michael Bayston.
Presque Classique: Elizabeth Schooling.
Visions: Olivia Sarel, Joan McClelland, Marguerite Stewart, Jean Stokes, Sally Gilmour, Robert Harrold.
Pas de Trois: Olivia Sarel, Joan McClelland, Robert Harrold.
Etude Symphonique: Ensemble
Les Belles Somnolenters: Elizabeth Schooling, Sally Gilmour.
Galop: Ensemble.

Jardin aux Lilas
Choregraphy: Antony Tudor. Music: Chausson. Scenery and Costumes: Hugh Stevenson.
Caroline (the Bride-to-be): Sally Gilmour.
Her Lover: Robert Harrold.
The Man she must Marry: Michael Bayston.
The Woman in his past: Sara Luzita.
The Guests: Sylvia Haydn, Anne Ashley, Joan McClelland, Olivia Sarel, Gerald Facer, Stanley Newby and Michael Holmes.

Carnival of Animals
Music: Sanit-Saens. Choreography, Scenery and Costumes: Andree Howard.
The Little Girl: Sally Gilmour.
The Lion: I. Loraine.
His Attendants: Jean Stokes, Marjorie Broomfield.
The Hen: Margaret Scott.
The Bantam: Olivia Sarel.
The Tortoises: Nina Shelley, Michael Holmes.
The Kangaroo: Marguerite Stewart.
Aquarium: Anne Ashley, Brenda Hamlyn.
Personage with Long Ears: Robert Harrold.
The Cuckoo: Sara Luzita.
Girl with Birds: Elizabeth Schooling.

Choreography: Elsa Brunelleschi. Music: Roberto Gerrard. Decor: Hugh Stevenson.
The Gypsy Dancer: Sara Luzita.
Her Mother: Margaret Scott.
Her Father: Michael Holmes.
The Impressario: Robert Harrold.
The Retired Bullfighter: Stanley Newby.
Professional Weepers: Joan McClelland, Marguerite Stewart.

(Original version). Choreography: Frederick Ashton. Music: William Walton. Decor: John Armstrong.
Scotch Rhapsody: Olivia Sarel, Jean Stokes, I. Lorraine.
Yodelling Song: Joan McClelland, Robert Harrold, Michael Bayston, Gerald Facer or Stanley Newby.
Polka: Sally Gilmour.
Popular Song: Robert Harrold, Michael Bayston.
Valse: Sara Luzita, Anna Ashley, Margaret Scott, Brenda Hamlyn.
Tango Passadoble: Elizabeth Schooling, Robert Harrold.
Tarantella Sevilliana: Ensemble.

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Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Four week season ending Saturday 22nd July 1944.
Direction: Marie Rambert. Pianists: Marjorie Reed and Thomas Lishman.
Lead Dancers: Sally Gilmour, Elisabeth Shcooling, Sara Luzita, Joan McClelland, Frank Staff, Robert Harold, Michael Bayston.

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Thursday 20th July - Matinee & Evening and Firday 21st July performances

Choreography: Fokine. Music: Schumann. Costumes: Bakst
CharacterPlayed By
ColumbineSally Gilmour
HarlequinFrank Staff
EusebiusRobert Harrold
ChiarinaSara Luzita
EstrellaOlivia Sarel
FlorestanMichael Bayston
PapillonElisabeth Schooling
PierrotMichael Holmes
PantalonStanley Newby
GuestsJoan McClelland, Marguerite Stewartm P. Sabine
Death And The Maiden
Choreography and Costumes: Andree Howard. Music: Andante Cantabile from the Quartet in D Minor (Schubert)
CharacterPlayed By
N/AElisabeth Schooling & Frank Staff or Joan McClelland & Michael Bayston and Ensemble
The Descent of Hebe
Choreography: Antony Tudor. Music: Ernest Bloth. Decor and Costumes: Nadia Benois.
CharacterPlayed By
HebeElisabeth Schooling or Sally Gilmour
HerculesMichael Bayston
NightAnne Ashley
MercuryRobert Harrold
Nymphs of the NightSara Luzita, Brenda Hamlyn, Margaret Scott, Marjorie Field, Pamela Sabine, Mary Gornell
Hebe's NymphsJoan McClelland, Olivia Sarel, Jean Stokes, Marguerite Stewartm Nina Shelley, Barbara Grimes
Peter and the Wold
Choreography: Frank Staff. Music: Prokofiev. Scenery and Costumes: Guy Sheppard.
CharacterPlayed By
PeterSally Gilmour
The BirdElisabeth Schooling or Brenda Hamlyn
The DuckSara Luzita
The CatOlivia Sarel
GrandfatherMichael Holmes
The WolfP. Sabine
The HuntersRobert Harrold with Joan McClelland, Margaret Scott, Marguerite Stewart

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