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As You Like It

Author: William Shakespeare


Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, 1957
Royal Shakespeare Theatre, 1961
Open Air Theatre, 1983
Royal Shakespeare Theatre, 1992

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Shakespeare Memorial Theatre
First performance: Tueday 2nd April 1957
Director: Glen Byam Shaw. Scenery and Costumes Designer: Motley.
Lighting: Peter Streuli. Music: Clifton Parker.
Dance Arranger: Pauline Grant. Wrestling mach Arranger: Charles Alexis.
Music Adviser: Leslie Bridgewater. The Theatre Orchestra under the direction of Harold Ingram.
Orchestra Leader: Nicholas Roth. Assistant to the Director: Patrick Donnell.

CharacterPlayed By
OrlandoRichard Johnson
AdamJames Wellman
DennisDerek Mayhew
OliverRobin Lloyd
Charles, the WrestlerRon Haddrick
CeliaJane Wenham
RosalindPeggy Ashcroft
TouchstonePatrick Wymark
Le BeauPeter Cellier
Duke FrederickMark Dignam
The Banished DukeCyril Luckham
AmiensRex Robinson
First LordAntony Brown
Second LordPeter Palmer
First PagePeter Whitmarsh
Second PageMichael Saunders
CorinDonald Eccles
SilviusRobert Arnold
JaquesRobert Harris
AudreyStephanie Bidmead
Sir Oliver MartextDonald Layne-Smith
PhebeDoreen Aris
WilliamToby Robertson
HymenGordon Wright
Jacques de BoysJohn Murray Scott
Lords, Ladies, Attendants and ForestersMolly Tapper, Mavis Edwards, Elizabeth Evans, Pamela Taylor, Thane Bettany, Barry Warren, Edward Caddick, Simon Carter, John Davidson, Henry Davies, William Elmhirst, Kenneth Gilbert, Julian Glover, John Grayson, Norman Miller, John Salway, Gordon Souter, Roy Spencer, Christopher Bond

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Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
April to December 1961 season
Director: Michael Elliott. Designer: Richard Negri.
Lighting: Richard Pilbrow. Music: George Hall.
Orchestration: Leonard Morris. Movement: Litz Pisk.
Wrestling arranged by Charles Alexis. Music Director: Brian Priestman.

CharacterPlayed By
Duke, living in BanishmentRedmond Phillips
Frederick, his brotherTony Church
Le Beau, a CourtierIan Richardson
Charles, wrestler to FrederickSebastian Breaks
Wrestler's SecondPaul Bailey
Touchstone, a clownColin Blakely
First Lord, attending on FrederickGareth Morgan
Second Lord, attending on FrederickWiliam Wallis
Rosalind, daughter to the Banished DukeVanessa Redgrave
Celia, daughter to FrederickRosalind Knight
Oliver, son of Sir Rowland de BoysDavid Buck
Jaques, son of Sir Rowland de BoysIan Richardson
Orlando, son of Sir Rowland de BoysIan Bannen
Adam, servant to OliverClifford Rose
Dennis, servant to OliverPaul Bailey
Amiens, attending on the Banished DukeEric Flynn
Jaques, attending on the Banished DukeMax Adrian
First Lord, attending on the Banished DukeJames Kerry
First Page, attending on the Banished DukeBarry Stockwell
Second Page, attending on the Banished DukeMichael Stephens
CorinRussell Hunter
SilviusPeter McEnery
Sir Oliver MartextWilliam Wallis
WilliamGordon Gostelow
PhebeJill Dixon
AudreyPatsy Byrne
Court Ladies, Court Lords, Forest LordsMaroussia Frank, Narissa Knights, Edith McArthur, Rosemary Mussell, Michael Murray, Richard Barr, Michael Blackham, Sebastian Breaks, Peter Holmes, Roger Jerome, Bruce McKenzie, Gareth Morgan, Brain Wright
The Royal Shakespeare Theatre Wind BandDirector: Alec Whittaker

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Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park
Season ending 27th August 1983 (followed by a week of performances at Arundel Castle)
In association with Nottingham Playhouse.
Direction: Richard Digby Day. Costume and Properties: Hugh Durrant.
Music Arrangment and Direction: Ian Smith. Wrestling: Suman Khan.
Dance: Sheila Irwin. Lighting: Ian Callander.

CharacterPlayed By
Orlando, youngest son of
Sir Roland de Boys
John Curry
AdamDonald Pelmar
Oliver, eldest son of Sir RolandStephen Rayne
DennisDouglas Hodge
Charles, Duke Frederick's wrestlerVincenzo Nicoli
Rosalind, daughter of the
Duke in banishment
Louise Jameson
Celia, daughter of Duke FrederickAbigail McKern
Touchstone, a foolPaul Raffield
Le BeauPhilip Godawa
Duke Frederick/
Duke, living in banishment
James Cairncross
AmiensRobert Lister
First PageStephen Newman
Second PageFrancesca Longrigg
Court LordHamilton Wilson
Corin, a shepherdBerwick Kaler
Silvius, another shepherdDouglas Hodge
JaquesDavid William
AudreyJanet Moran
Sir Oliver Martext, a country vicarDonald Pelmear
Phebe, a ShepherdessJulie Dawn Cole
William, a young countrymanGraham Chinn
James de BoysHamilton Wilson

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Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
First performance: 14th April 1992.
RSC production. Director: David Thacker.
Designer: Johan Engels. Lighting Designer: Jimmy Simmons.
Music: Gary Yershon. Movement: Lesley Hutchinson.
Fight Director: Terry King. Sound: Paul Slocombe.
Music Director: John Woolf. Assistant Director: Dominic Cooke.
Design Assistant: Robin Stapley.

CharacterPlayed By
The de Boys Household
Oliver, eldest son of Sir Rowland de BoysAdrain Lukis
Jaques, the second sonAlan Cox
Orlando, the youngest sonPeter de Jersey
AdamAlfred Burke
Understudy Silvius/1st and 2nd Court Lord and Arden Lords/Sir Oliver Martext/William/Jacques de Boys
Jack Waters
The Court
Duke FrederickAndrew Jarvis
Celia, his daughterPhyllida Hancock
Rosalind, daughter to Duke SeniorSamantha Bond
TouchstoneAnthony O'Donnell
Monsieur le Beau
Understudy Duke Frederick/Duke Senior
Nick Kemp
Charles, a wrestler
Understudy Touchstone
Nick Holder
Hisperia, Celia's gentlewomanSusie Lee Hayward
Understudy Jaques/Oliver/Charles the Wrestler/Dennis
Jonathan Cake
LordsDavid Burt, James Walker, Jack Waters
Understudy Celia
Emma Gregory
LadiesBella Enahoro, Jenna Russell, Susan-Jane Tanner
Understudy Orlando/Amiens
Alan Cox
SoldierAndrew Cryer
The Forest of Arden
Duke SeniorJeffrey Dench
Understudy Le Beau
David Burt
JaquesMichael Siberry
CorinJohn Bott
SilviusAndrew Cryer
AudreySusan-Jane Tanner
Sir Oliver Martext
Understudy Corin/Adam
James Walker
PhebeEmma Gregory
WilliamNick Holder
Banished LordsJonathan Cake, Alan Cox, Nik Holder, Adrew Jarvis, Nick Kemp, James Walker, Jack Waters
Understudy Rosalind
Bella Enahoro
Understudy Shepherdesses
Susie Lee Hayward
Understudy Phebe/Audrey
Jenna Russell
FluteIan Reynolds
BassoonRoger Hellyer
TrumpetRobert Pritchard
TrumpetPeter Fisher
HornPeter Morris
HornDavid Statham
TromboneKevin Pitt
HarpAudrey Douglas
Timpani/percussionNigel Garvey
PercussionPeter Hall/Clifford Pick
KeyboardsJohn Woolf

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