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And So To Bed

Author: J. B. Fagin. Lyrics and Music: Vivian Ellis


New Theatre Bromley
First performance: 9th November 1964
Producer: David Poulson

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CharacterPlayed By
Doll, Servant to PepysBarbara Assoon
Sue, Servant to PepysYvonne Marlow
Tom, Servant to Pelling
A Thief
Dino Pardi
Samuel PepysGordon Honey
Jake, Servant to PepysKeith Wright
Coachman to Pepys
Prodgers, Groom of the Bedchamber
Bernard Martin
Mistress KnightFelicity Page
A Watchman
Peter Durrent
Julia, Servant to Mistress KnightDiana Landor
PellingMichael May
HumphreyJohn Dane
Mistress PierceAnne Carr
Mistress KneppPatricia Varley
Cora, Servant to PepysCarol Doree
John, Servant to PepysGodfrey Charles
Mistress PepysJuel Morell
Lettice, Servant to PepysSuzanne Owens
Anna, Servant to Mistress KnightJacqueline Harrison
Charles the SecondFrank Barrie
Servants and TownfolkRita Craig
Servants and TownfolkSheila Manders
Servants and TownfolkPauline Sewell