Theatreland Memorabilia

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By Marcelle Maurette


Theatre Royal Windsor
First performance: Wednesday 4th May 1953

CharacterPlayed By

St. James's Theatre
First performance: Wednesday 5th August 1953
Adapted by Guy Bolton, directed by John Counsell.

CharacterPlayed By
Piotr PetrovskyLaurence Payne
Boris ChernovPeter Illing
Prince BounineAnthony Ireland
Anna BrounMary Kerridge
A Sleigh DriverGeoffrey Tyrrell
A CharwomanSusan Richards
Felix OblenskyMichael Godfrey
The Dowager Empress of RussiaHelen Haye
Her Lady-in-WaitingRuth Goddard
Prince PaulRalph Michael
AntoniaVerena Kimmins
SergeiMichael Malnick