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All's Well That Ends Well

Author: William Shakespeare


Shakespeare Memorial Theatre
Director: Noel Willman

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CharacterPlayed By
Bertram, the Count of RousillonMichael Denison
Countess of Rousillon, his MotherRosalind Atkinson
LafeuRalph Michael
Helena, a waiting gentlewoman to the CountessJoyce Redman
ParollesKeith Michell
A Page, serving BertramIan Holm
The King of FranceAlan Webb
ChamberlainMervyn Blake
ChamberlainDAvid King
Rinaldo, Steward to the CountessGeoffrey Bayldon
Lavache, Clown to the CountessEdward Atienza
Captain Dumain, Gentleman at the French CourtHugh Cross
His Brother, Gentleman at the French CourtPatrick Wymark
CourtierTrader Faulkner
CourtierRichard Coe
CourtierKevin Miles
CourtierRex Robinson
CourierJames Grout
CourierRon Haddrick
A Widow of FlorenceNancye Stewart
Diana, her daughterJill Dixon
Mariana, neighbour to the WidowDilys Hamlett
Morgan, a SoldierLee Montague
A Gentle AstringerJohn MacGregor

Ladies in Waiting, Lords, Officers, Priests, Soldiers, Citizens, and Attendants: Ann Firbank, Mary Law, Robert Arnold, Leon Eagles, Peter Van Greenaway, Alan Haywood, Robert Hunter, Emrys James, George Little, Geoffrey Sasse, John Southworth, John Springett, Paul Vieyra, Gabriel Woolf.