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A Doll's House

Author: Henrik Ibsen


Arts Centre University of Warwick, 1988
Birmingham REP Theatre, 1996

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Arts Centre University of Warwick, Coventry
17th - 22nd October 1988
Oxford Stage Company. New version by Fay Weldon. Director: John Blackmore.
Designer: Nadine Baylis. Lighting Director: Raymond Cross. Sound: Mic Pool.
Choreograper: Sara Van Beers. Music: Joanna Macgregor.

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CharacterPlayed By
Nora HelmerAlyson Spiro
MaidJustine Glenton
Torvald HelmerPhilip Whitchurch
Mrs LindeJulia Deakin
KrogstadStuart Fox
Dr RankJack Ellis
NursePeggy Shields
One of The ChildrenAndrew Cook
One of The ChildrenNathan Potter

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Birmingham REP Theatre
Friday 11th October - Saturday 2nd November 1996
Author: Henrik Ibsen. Translation: Christopher Hampton. Director: Irina Brown.
Designer: Paul Andrews. Lighting Designer: Gerry Jenkinson. Music: Mark Vibrans.
Choreography: Kate Flatt. Stage Manager: Gary Roskell.

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CharacterPlayed By
Torvald HelmerHilton McRae
Nora, his wifeGeraldine Somerville
Dr RankSam Cox
Mrs Kristine LindeSophie Heydel
Nils KrogstadPaul Brennen
Anne-Marie, the nursemaidChristine Absalom
Helene, the maidFrances Allberry
One of The Helmers' childrenEmma Bain
One of The Helmers' childrenSam Boyd

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