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1066 And All That

Book and Lyrics: Reginald Arkell. Music: Alfred Reynolds.
Based on that Memorable History by Sellar and Yeatman.


Palace Theatre, ~1947

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Palace Theatre
Circa 1947
Ballets & Ensembles: Beatrice Appleyard. Settings: Paul Shelving.
Orchestra under the direction of the Composer.
Staged by Leslie Henson and Richard Littledale.

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Cast ~1947
CharacterPlayed By
Scene 1. The Hall of Fame
GuideEdwin Styles
WifeDoris Hare
Small BoyAlfred McQuigan
Common ManLeslie Henson
Scene 2. A Bank on the side of a Roman Road newly carved in the Berkshire Downs
Roman SolidersRichard Ablett, Philip Merritt, Finlay Morrison, Stanley Braithwaite, Peter Mosley, Nigel Neilson, Henry Worthington, George Dale
Common ManLeslie Henson
Julius CaesarWallas Eaton
Scene 3. The Saints
St. PatrickGordon Little
St. PancrasKenneth Brown
St. IvesArthur Lucas
The CompereEdwin Styles
Scene 4. The Seaside
SunbathersAnna Claire, Pamela Healey, Joy Adams, Peter Mosley, Nigel Neilson, Philip Merritt
Bathing BellesDiana Dell, Pamela Sheppard, Jean Freeman, Janet Albisser, Tanya Duray, Patricia Stokoe
King CanuteWallas Eaton
MayorLeslie Henson
Scene 5. 1066
William ConquerorPhilip Howard
Queen MatildaPatricia Gaunt
First BaronHenry Worthington
Second BaronFinlay Morrison
The Common ManLeslie Henson
Scene 6. The Crusades
Crusader's WifeDoris Hare
ConstanceJean Haines
BlancheAnna Claire
Keeper of DrawbridgeLeslie Henson
TroubadourGordon Little
HousekeeperMirren Wood
CrusaderHenry Caine
Scene 7. King John
Four PagesPamela Sheppard, Jean Freeman, Patricia Stokoe, Janet Albisser
Four BaronsStanley Braithwaite, Finlay Morrison, Nigel Neilson, Henry Worthington
King JohnWallas Eaton
A Ferocious BaronKenneth Brown
Scroll BearerLeslie Henson
Scene 8. Bruce and the Spider
Robert the BruceGeorge Dale
Scene 9. Ballet of the Roses
White RosesDiana Dell, Jean Freeman, Pamela Sheppard
Red RosesTanya Duray, Janet Albisser, Patricia Stokoe
Scene 10. The Police Court
The MagistrateHenry Caine
First PolicemanLeslie Henson
Second PolicemanWallas Eaton
Christopher ColumbusHnery Worthington
Guy FawkesPeter Mosley
Scene 11. The Hundred Years War
SentryLeslie Henson
SergeantPeter Mosley
Henry VPhilip Howard
VeteransNigel Neilson, Richard Ablett, Philip Merritt, Finlay Morrison, Stanley Braithwaite, Henry Worthington, Arthur Lucas
French GirlDoris Hare
French GirlsAnna Claire, Pamela Healey, Joy Adams, Pamela Sheppard, Janet Albisser, Diana Dell, Patricia Stokoe, Tanya Duray
Scene 1. Henry VIII and the Reformation
Henry VIIIHenry Caines
Catherine of AragonJean Haines
Anne BoleynTanya Duray
Jane SeymourPamela Healey
Anne of CleevesMirren Wood
Katherine HowardAnna Claire
Katherine ParrDoris Hare
MonkNigel Neilson
HalberdierLeslie Henson
Queen MaryDiana Dell
Queen ElizabethPatricia Gaunt
Scene 2. Beards
DrakeKenneth Brown
RaleighGordon Little
EssexWallas Eaton
ManicuristsPatricia Stokoe, Janet Albisser, Jean Freeman
BarbersFinlay Morrison, Henry Worthington, Stanley Braithwaite
HalberdierPeter Mosley
Scene 3. Queen Elizabeth
Queen ElizabethPatricia Gaunt
First MannequinJoy Adams
Second MannequinJean Haines
Virginal PlayerPamela Healey
Two MaidsTanya Duray, Mirren Wood
HalberdierPeter Mosley
Scene 4. The Puritan and the Cavalier
PuritanAnna Claire
CavalierNigel Neilson
Scene 5. Merrie England
Revellers, Court Ladies, Gentlemen, and DancersThe Company
The Common ManLeslie Henson
Nell GwynDoris Hare
Oliver CromwellHenry Caine
Charles IIPhilip Howard
A PuritanGordon Little
Scene 6. The Seedy Singer
The CompereEdwin Styles
The Seedy SingerLeslie Henson
Scene 7. William and Mary
MaryDoris Hare
WilliamPeter Mosley
MarlboroughPhilip Howard
PeterkinAlfred McQuigan
WilhelmineJean Haines
Old KasparLeslie Henson
Scene 8. The Four Georges
George INigel Neilson
George IIFinlay Morrison
George IIIPhilip Merritt
George IVRichard Ablett
Scene 9. The Sailor King
William IVArthur Lucas
W.R.N.S.Janet Albisser, Pamela Sheppard, Tanya Duray, Diana Dell, Jean Freeman, Patricia Stokoe
Scene 10. The Napoleonic Wars (The Hat Trick)
NelsonWallas Eaton
NapoleonNigel Neilson
WellingtonKenneth Brown
Common ManLeslie Henson
Scene 11. Poona
Colonel BygadsbyHenry Caine
MillicentDoris Hare
The DancersMirren Wood, Pamela Healey, Patricia Gaunt, Jean Haines, Henry Worthington, Stanley Braithwaite, Peter Mosley, George Dale
Scene 12. Victorian Music Hall
Walter KinoGordon Little
Cancan GirlsDiana Dell, Janet Albisser, Pamela Sheppard, Tanya Duray
Marie LloydDoris Hare
FlunkeyLeslie Henson
Scene 13. 1947 and All This
WilkinsWallas Eaton
The Common ManLeslie Henson
First GirlAnna Claire
Dancing GirlsJoy Adams, Pamela Healey, Patricia Stokoe, Jean Freeman, Mirren Wood
The OfficerEdwin Styles
Scene 14. The Hall of Fame
The Common ManLeslie Henson
The GuideEdwin Styles
FinaleThe Full Company

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