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The Making Of The Representative For Planet 8

Music: Philip Glass. Libretto: Doris Lessing.
Based on the novel by Doris Lessing.


Houston Gand Opera, 1988
London Coliseum, 1988, ENO

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Houston Grand Opera
First performance: 8th July 1988

CharacterPlayed By

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London Coliseum
First performance: 9th November 1988
English National Opera (ENO)
Conductor: Michael Lloyd. Chorus Masters: Martin Handley and Harry Bicket.
Leader: Raymond Ovens. Lighting: David Hersey.
Original Production: Minoru Domberger. Production staged for ENO: Harry Silverstein.
Designers: Eiko Ishioka and Minoru Domberger.
Choreographer: Clare West.

CharacterPlayed By
Doeg, Memory-Maker and StorytellerAndrew Shore
Johor, Canopean agentRichard Angas
Klin, Tender of Fruits and PlantsGillian Webster
Marl, Keeper of the HerdsSimon Masterton-Smith
Bratch, Guardian of HealthTamsin Dives
Pedug, Teacher of the YoungJohn Kitchiner
Rivalin, Custodian of the LakeJady Pearl
Masson, the BuilderPeter Bamber
Alsi, a young womanLEsley Garrett
Nooni, a young manChristopher Gillett

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