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The Sleeping Beauty

Composer: Tchaikovsky


Royal Opera House, 1946, Sadler's Wells Ballet

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Royal Opera House
Sadler's Wells Ballet
Produced by Nicolai Sergueeff after the choreography of Marius Petipa.
Costumes and Scenery Designer: Oliver Messel.
Choreography of the Garland Dance: Frederick Ashton.

Saturday 22nd June 1946, Matinee cast
CharacterPlayed By
Prologue - The Christening
King Florestan XXIVDavid Davenport
His QueenJulia Farron
Cattalabutte (Master of Ceremonies)Leslie Edwards
The Fairy of the Crystal FountainGerd Larsen
Her CavalierNorman Thomson
The Fairy of the Enchanted GardenLorna Mossford
Her CavalierHenry Danton
The Fairy of the Woodland GladesAnne Negus
Her CavalierBrian Shaw
The Fairy of the Song BirdsJoan Sheldon
Her CavalierRichard Ellis
The Fairy of the Golden VineAvril Navarre
Her CavalierKenneth Melville
The Fairy of the LilacGillian Lynne
Her CavalierAnthony Burke
Carabosse (The Wicked Fairy)Frederick Ashton
Maids of HonourJoan Sheldon, Jill Gregory, Guinevere Parry, Elizabeth Kennedy, Margaret Roseby, Avril Navarre, June Leighton, Oenone Talbot
Act I - The Spell
The Princess AuroraMoira Shearer
The First PrinceNorman Thomson
The Second PrinceHenry Danton
The Third PrinceAnthony Burke
The Fourth PrinceRichard Ellis
Princess Aurora's FriendsMargaret Sear, Jill Gregory, Elizabeth Kennedy, Pauline Clayden, Joan Sheldon, Margaret Roseby, Avril Navarre, Oenone Talbot.
PagesGuinevere Parry, June Leighton, Veronica Vail, Gretta Hamby
Act II - The Vision
Prince FlorimundDavid Paltenghi
The CountessJean Bedells
Gallison (the Prince's Tutor)Paul Reymond
DuchessesJulia Farron, Margaret Roseby
DukesRichard Ellis, Leslie Edwards
MarchionessesPalma Nye, Paula Dunning, Clementina Stuart, Christine Du Boulay
MarquessesNorman Thomson, Stanley Hall, Franklin White, Anthony Burke
A Vision of Princess AuroraMoira Shearer
The Lilac FairyGillian Lynne
Act III. Scene I - The Awakening
The Princess AuroraMoira Shearer
Prince FlorimundDavid Paltenghi
The Lilac FairyGillian Lynne
Act III. Scene II - The Wedding
Fairy Tales
Bluebeard and His WifeAnthony Burke, Rosemary Lindsay
Goldilocks and Her PrincePaula Dunning, Paul Reymond
Beauty and The BeastChristine Du Boulay, Toni Repetto
Florestan and His two SistersNorman Thomson, MArgaret Roseby, Pauline Clayden
Puss-in-Boots and The White CatBrian Shaw, Oenone Talbot
The Blue BirdsMargaret Dale, Harold Turner
Red Riding Hood and The WolfJune Leighton, Richard Ellis
Pas-de-DeuxMoira Shearer, David Paltenghi
The Three IvansAlec Grant, Paul Reymond, Franklin White
VariationMoira Shearer
FinaleFull Company
Village Maidens, Peasants, Courtiers, HeraldsRosemary Lindsay, Anne Gieves, Margaret Sear, Mavis Spence, Patricia Thorburn, Margaret Rawlinson, Thekla Russell, Pauline Wadsworth, June Day, Pamela Chrimes, Sylvia Ashmole, Clementina Stuart, Kenneth Melville, Brian Shaw, Dennis Carey
Pages and Maids of HonourStudents of the Sadler's Wells School of Ballet

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